Tuesday 10 November 2009

You don't know the psuedonyms I assume

So here is my first 'proper' post - I hope you like it! These photos were meant to be far more impressive, I made my friend India style me and take the photos outside...however we did not prepare for it being about -10 degrees, howling wind and rain so we didn't stay long. Its so cold here at the moment, I'm beginning to think every English person should be issued with an umbrella for free as its practically essential for survival!!
Title of the post is from Franz Ferdinand – Bite Hard (oooh err)

Sequinned vest – Topshop Jeans – New Look Combat Boots – My younger brother..
Military Jacket – Woolworths! Birdcage necklace - Topshop
Thank you so much to Tia Cherie who gave me my first award! The recipient has to list 7 traits that you think describe your personality and pass it onto seven other bloggers who deserve recognition for their blogging personality. Okay, I am: Creative, Neurotic (India told me to put this, I disagree), lazy, spontaneous, cynical, polite...okay I sound like a mentalist!!
I pass this award on to:
I heart vintage x
Geisha Rock
Main Chic Avenue
The Pelican and Me

I hope to take lots more photos of my rural area to show you guys. Also, I have good news my dog is having puppies in 3-4 weeks time so expect really cute pictures!


Kavita @ She Wears Fashion - UK style and fashion blog said...

Oh wow, thankyou so much :)
And you are really pretty, I'm glad you decided to show your face from now on.
I like your lipstick and birdcage necklace!
:) ♥

Zara said...

love the birdcage necklace, so kitsch :) xoxo

Becca Joy said...

I like the dark look and setting of the pictures, the clothes and the darkness work well together.

p.s early congratulations on the puppies, I can't wait to see the pictures!

Winnie said...

The necklace is adorable and love these shots!

Linny said...

Hahaha! Seeds is going to have a fit when she sees you have revealed yourself. Unfortunately, your timing came at the same time as that prostitute Billie Piper play revealed herself into the blogisphere, overshadowed much?? :P
Love you mucho xxxxxxxxx

ps. You so are neurotic, in a good way of course babe!

Linny said...

forgot to add...does harry know you've got his boots??

Georgie said...

Hehehe she already has had the fit!! Yes and unfortunately he knows that and that I have a blog but now we both have blackmail material against one another we're even!! Yes I saw that about Belle du Jour but I'm not exactly a prostitute am I?!!

Imogen said...

Great post and I'm pleased you posted the award. I really like your outfit, especially the top and necklace. I saw a necklace like that recently and I was very close to buying it.

coolboy said...

looks good, u looks pretty, wats that in ur hand

un petit lapin said...

Cute necklace! I was taking photos today when it started raining. It's so annoying!

PS You get bonus points for liking Merlin. HIGH FIVE.

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