Wednesday 4 November 2009


So I'm blogging when I should be at school today, as I have two free periods I'm home early! Lovely for a change, usually I'm getting up while its dark and coming home in the dark which isn't exactly fun city. Feeling a bit uninspired blogwise at the moment, and I've been wondering about something, I'm gonna throw this out there, what do other bloggers think of showing their faces on the blosphere?
I've cropped out my face on this blog mainly because my parents would probably kill me if I showed it; for starters my mum is under the impression that just Facebook allows people to hunt you down, and doesn't know I blog.
If I did show my face I'd be worried about my parents finding out, and or people I knew taking the piss, or just general safety; however I doubt many paedophiles and stalkerish people spend their time reading fashion blogs..
On the other hand I want to take better outfit posts and make my blog better, which I could do if I did show my face. Okay I'm going to stop rambling here, basically if you read this and have a blog, what do you feel about 'showing yourself' on your blog, if you do or don't? Also do your parents know you have a blog or not? Has showing your face affected you at all?
I'm interested to hear what peoples opinions are on this.
Well I'm off to watch gossip girl (and put off my Midsummer Night's Dream essay).


Kavita @ She Wears Fashion - UK style and fashion blog said...

Oooh I show it because it's liek faceboiok for me, except showing my fashion to fellow bloggers. Yes, they too are stranger and I kinda understand why you wouldn't wanna show your face.
But I am very safe on the internet, I don't even say my second name unless it's facebook, or my location on facebook, or anywhere! And on FB I only accept my friends haha.
Oh and close friends know about my blog and I think others have had a sneaky peek but I'm not bothered at all. It's something I want to do :) xxxxx

Kavita @ She Wears Fashion - UK style and fashion blog said...

Oh and parents know they don't actually care too much I mean, they trust me to be safe I guesss :) they're just impressed with my posts more than anything!! xx

Ariella said...

I think winter does that to anyone, really.
As for me, I don't really mind showing my face on the internet. I mean, the internet is so huge, and if you don't give out your name or your exact location and is careful with the other details that you give out tracking someone down would be very difficult. I understand your concern, but as long as you take your precautions I don't think it is as dangerous as you think.

Winnie said...

I can completely understand why your parents would be worried. At the very beginning of my blog, I never showed my face but one day I just made the decision to stop holding the camera over my face. I suppose it's a matter of preference. I never use my surname and only have facebook with people I know, or at the very least, people I know that I can trust 100%. Blogging is a funny thing because it IS so open but also we blog in a more niche area and few people will be able to find your blog.

My mom knows about my blog and is quite intrigued but lets me get on with it. My close friends know I have a blog and some keep up with it...but on the whole, other people have no idea and I don't intend on telling them!

Imogen said...

Hi Georgie these are interesting questions which require careful consideration. I think it is ok for you to show your face and I agree with Ariella that some precautions need to be take such as not giving away your exact location & not too many personal details. For me I noticed that many other bloggers show their face and it seems to be accepted so thats what influenced me. Also I think you can show your style more that way.
I understand your concern about your mum. I agree I would hate for my family to find out because they would react similarly to yours. By boyfriend is the only one who knows.
Anyway I think you should do it but as long as your comfortable & take time to consider it.

Becca Joy said...

When it comes to internet stalking, your right pedophiles don't really troll fashion blogs. But I have had some trouble on flickr of creeps commenting on my pictures. But when it comes to the blogosphere, its so huge and its hard to find a specific blog, the chances are just lessened. My parents do know about my blog but not the address, I won't tell them! I hope that helped :)

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