Saturday 27 December 2014

A day in Yokohama and China Town | Japan













Hey guys! So today I travelled to Yokohama with my two uni friends and had a look around. It's a city about an hour outside Tokyo, which is by the sea so has a few ports and is used for shipping. We had a meander round the port areas and then headed to the China town there which is so pretty! There was a couple of really stunning temples there, although I feel like a prat as I'm not sure which religion they belong to, I think they may be Taoist temples rather than Buddhist as there were no Buddhas, but if anyone has any knowledge of Chinese temples please enlighten me!

I also made a little vlog of our trip so please feel free to check it out! I hope to do more videos like that of interesting places I visit during my study abroad. xx


Tuesday 23 December 2014

What I've been up to | Instagram #5




Cosy socks from 100 yen shop // Sashimi at an Izakaya// Enjoying the Christmas illumination in Roppongi // Lunch at a British style pub in Meguro // The healthiest lunch ever at Krispy Kreme // Japanese traditional crafts (both made almost entirely out of paper) // Weird looking but tasty mushrooms I bought from the supermarket // Cult beauty haul

My instagram is @liquoricepearls

Follow me if you want to see things I do in Japan and what I'm up to in general! xx


Monday 22 December 2014

Revlon Japan Lucky dip bag ふくぶくろ 2015 | Haul

So in Japan usually at the end of each year (I think), stores release fukubukuro which are lucky dip bags full of random products from the store. Even clothing shops do this too so guess who is gonna be hitting the shops soon! I picked up the Revlon one after watching Mimei's video about it (click HERE for the video, she's a Kiwi beauty guru/youtuber who lives in Japan).



As far as I can tell comparing the contents of my bag to Mimei's, the only products that change colour in the Revlon Fukubukuro are the Moon Candy double ended nail polish, and the matte blush. I actually already have the Colour burst matte balm but it's one of my most used lip products so I guess it saves me buying another one!

Contents of the Fukubukuro


This product I'm kind of meh about as I really don't use highlighter at all unless it's on my brow bone, as my skin is super oily anyway I really like keep it matte. Also this was super hard to photograph because it's quite a subtle sheen. Who knows maybe I'll end up using it!


I think I'll get some use out of this, I don't actually own any dark brown eye pencils and it's super creamy and pigmented.


The packaging for this plush is so cool! There's a little button and I was all ooh what does this do and a mirror pops out! The future is clearly here already. Anyway again blush isn't something I really wear but it's a very wearable colour and as I said I'm a fan of the matte look so I will probably wear this at some point.


The Moon Candy nail polish colour I got is a bit weird but I actually think I'll get a lot of wear out of this! I would describe as kind of a tortoise shell efect, the glitter coat looks very yellow but gives you really cute gold/copper flakes.

This bag cost me about 2000 yen which is about £12, and each product is about £6 each so it was a bargain!

Have you tried any of these products? xx


Sunday 21 December 2014

Instagram for clothes/Your own virtual closet - Cloth App and Liquorice Pearls Interview! | Review

Hi guys! I was contacted by Wray from Cloth back in August before they launched the app and now it's up and running! Cloth is basically an app that allows you to basically organise your wardrobe and outfits, which as a pretty organised person I love the satisfaction of being able to categorise what you wear.



I think of it as a bit like Lookbook, but I think their focus is more on more personal outfit shots (i.e the old ootd in a mirror shot) which I like, and organising what you wear rather than displaying it. I often forget to use the app but when I remember to again I'm always surprised by how much I like it, it's a really good way to choose an outfit for the day; or remind yourself 'that top goes well with that skirt', 'I should wear those shoes' more often etc.



You can categorise your outfit by occasion and weather and add tags, the weather element is especially useful to sort your outfits with, as the weather basically decides what I wear each day.

They also conducted a little interview with me which you can view on their website HERE. This post isn't sponsored or anything btw I just genuinely enjoy using this app! If you guys get the app feel free to add me, my username is liquoricepearls :) xx


Friday 19 December 2014

How people react to unnatural hair colours: blue/pink/purple hair problems | Chat

I've had this post drafted for a while and finally got round to posting it! Since I dyed my hair blue in my first year of Uni, I've gathered an assorted collection of experiences of the general public's reaction to me looking 'different'. I'm not trying to 'special snowflake' myself here in any way, it's no way a unqiue thing to do nowadays but I thought I'd share some of the funny/scary experiences I've had with coloured hair, and if there are any other rainbow gals out there please comment your stories below!


Obviously people's reactions are not in the sense of being mobbed in broad daylight or whatever, but having your hair an unnatural colour seems to make people think it's okay to say certain things/act in a certain way; even though it is pretty common (especially with the current trend for my little pony hair). I'd say 80% of reactions to my hair are positive and 20% negative.


You often get quite a few people complimenting you which is lovely, often I get shop assistants and strangers telling me they like my hair. Some people are also genuinely curious about how get your hair a certain colour, I've been asked how I dye my hair by people from a group of 15 year old teenage boys in McDonald's to people in til queues with me. I also often get 'you look like a mermaid' from drunk people on nights out, which frankly I am going to take as a compliment. My favourite reactions though are those of children, who often go: 'Mummy look at her hair!'. Once I was waiting to be served at the bank and a little girl went: 'Mummy look at her hair! She looks like a princess!' (best compliment ever, because children never lie obvs).


Negatively because you look different people can think they have the right to comment, and call you out embarrassingly in front of others because your hair isn't a normal colour. I had a waiter in a restaurant pat me on the head and ask 'what do you want blue one?' when was time to take my order (err get off me). On time I was walking to the bus stop I had someone distributing flyers shout 'OI you with the green hair!!' (cue everyone on the street turning to look at me) to get my attention. People may also think they have the right to touch your hair (they don't), I once had two 'lads' at a flat party play with my hair whilst discussing what colour it was: 'mate it's definitely blue' 'nah fam it's green look at it'.

Another time I was in a shop and a woman came up behind me and start stroking my hair, and when I turned around like wtf she went 'your hair is so pretty - I just had to see what it felt like!'. Err thanks I guess?


Unnatural hair colours can also seem to be a beacon for creepy guys in clubs: One very drunk guy, as his friend dragged him out the club: 'YOUR HAIR LOOKS LIKE CANDY FLOSS I WANT TO EAT IT' (that one was quite funny actually) and a less amusing creep: 'You're actually quite fit, but your hair is fucking weird'. What an absolute charmer.


 Ticket inspectors also regularly call me out on the bus 'your hair is interesting' 'morning luv, nice hair' (at 8.30am on a bus packed full of students, leave me alone plzzz). Guy on a reception in the gym: 'your hair is very', bouncer: 'your hair looks like it's gone mouldy' (thanks). The worst experience I had was a guy following me down a dark deserted street asking me questions about my hair and telling me how much he liked it which freaked me out massively.

Find a friend with rainbow hair too and become my little pony twins

What you have to get used to with unnatural hair colours is the staring. People love a good stare. Most people just have a look because it's bright and bright things catch your attention. Others however will have a good long gawp. I come from the middle of the countryside, and when I go outside to walk my dogs or to one of the local small towns you get all sorts of brilliant reactions. I go to university in Manchester where there are plenty of people with bright hair, being a massive student city. However there is none of that in t'country. Here are some of the reactions I have registered in response to my hair:

The 'please don't mug me' (old ladies clutching their handbags as I pass by, I shit you not)
The 'Ew. What are you doing with your life?'
The 'OMG *double takes*'

Or my favourite from my Grandpa upon seeing my hair for the first time: 'GOOD LORD! What have you done to yourself?!'


Of course the negatives do not outweigh the fact that having unnaturally coloured hair is really fun. You are colourful 24/7 and also, as I have been regularly reminded, like a beacon; so your friends will never lose you out shopping/in clubs/packed places. You also become very used to being stared at, if I catch someone staring at me I know it's usually because my hair is bright, rather than I've got a massive spot or my skirt is tucked into my knickers. I'm not going to lie though it is very uncomfortable being stared at sometimes, but as I said if you are living in a major city the chances are unnatural hair colours are a bit of a norm, so you will garner less attention.

If you've ever had rainbow hair what reactions have you received? xx


Thursday 18 December 2014

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Blonde | Review

This is my recent purchase from Cult Beauty - Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Blonde. This fo' sho a cult product, who hasn't seen their fav beauty guru on YouTube raving about this or Brow Whiz in a video? I also picked up a brush with it, the large synthetic brow duo brush.

Both £12.50 each from Cult Beauty


The method I use with this product: Groom the brows with the spoolie end of the brush so the hairs all point in the same direction. Then take a teensy bit of product on the brush and outline the under part of the brow. Then I fill in the brow slowly (and with a light hand on the product), using light vertical strokes on the part of the brow closest to my nose bridge so there isn't a harsh 'start' to the brow.


I think this is the best colour match for me, as although I've got naturally quite dark hair my lashes and brows and blonde. However this colour can be a tad on the orange side in some lights (if I was being fussy, it's a good colour match) - I would like to see them bring out an ash blonde version of Dip Brow like they do for Brow Whiz.

Some selfies from my iPhone, left pic one brow is done and the other is natural - right both brows are done

  • creamy
  • little product needed per application
  • a lot of product in the pot
  • lasts all day without budging
  • gives you hi def or natural brows depending on application
  • good colour range (pls bring out Ash Blonde tho Anastasia)
  • Slightly on the pricey side
  • Little IRL availability in the UK, can only buy online
  • Need brush to apply product
Overall I am uber happy with my purchase and I will be buying this again! Have you guys tried any of the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow products? Or do you have any brow product recommendations? xx


Wednesday 17 December 2014

Prom Times Christmas party / night out dresses | Wishlist

How cute are these dresses from Prom Times? All of these are from their Prom/Cocktail dresses selection and I've picked a few which would be perfect for the Christmas season.


Firstly these two are definitely ones for Christmas parties (even New Year's Eve too to be honest), or going on a night out! I love the glam of the red sequins, and  the one shoulder design means you don't have to have a good strapless bra on hand! And the lace detailing of the blue dress is so pretty, definitely a stand out piece.


These two dresses I think are more family friendly christmas party/prom type dresses. The one on the end is such a christmassy colour and I love the beading! Do go have a look at the rest of the selection on Prom Times, these are just my favourites!

What do you plan on wearing to Christmas parties this season? xx

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Tuesday 16 December 2014

First Cult Beauty purchases - Anastasia Dipbrow and Alpha H Liquid Gold | Haul

So recently I placed a sneaky order with Cult Beauty to get some bits I've had my eye on after reading various blog reviews/watching various youtube gurus. I've justified this as a Christmas present to myself as I can't go home for Christmas this year, it's my first Christmas without my family and in a country where they don't really celebrate it (Google KFC Christmas Chicken Japan to get an idea...).
Also Cult Beauty had some sort of Black Friday sale on, which while Alpha H didn't apply to the discount I still got a discount when I checked out so I wasn't going to say no!


The shipping was seriously good considering I believe Cult Beauty is UK based, and the fact Christmas is looming - it got to Japan in under a week I think! However while none of the products were damaged I was a bit like wtf with the packaging though, the products weren't packed in with tissue paper or bubble wrap so could rattle around (considering the journey they had to make to get to me I would've expected the items to be secured inside the box). Also the products were just wrapped in tissue paper, I don't know why but this seems a little unprofessional to me? Maybe I'm just being picky.



So here's what I picked up! Definite cult favourites: Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in Blonde, Anastasia large synthetic brow duo brush, and Alpha H Liquid Gold

Brush - £12.50 // Dipbrow Pomade - £12.50

Liquid Gold by Alpha H - £27.92 // Jouer samples - free with purchase

For those who don't know what Liquid Gold is, it's essentially a Glycolic Acid exfoliator - it's supposed to be an absolute miracle product which improves everything from skin texture to acne. You use this 2-3 times a week after cleansing at night-time and don't follow with moisturiser. Of course I'll be blog reviewing this but I'm going to use it for a month and then see what I think.

Anastasia Dipbrow is raved about everywhere, a definite cult product! Loads of my favourite youtube beauty gurus use this so I really wanted to try it, review up very soon!

Have you guys ever placed an order with Cult Beauty before? xx


Sunday 14 December 2014

Barry M Red Wine with lace nail art / Christmas Mani | Nails




Nail Polish // Barry M Red wine and Eternal Basic nail stickers

Another week another mani! I loove this colour so much, it's like a perfect vampy red. I actually bought this after using the slightly more pink Barry M shade 'raspberry' that my friend had in her nail polish collection, and while I kinda wish I bought raspberry this is still pretty gorge. One coat I would say is red and then if you use two you get the true dark 'wine' red. I added some of these lacy nail stickers I've been loving too and it gives a kind of Christmassy effect no? I will deffo be sporting this nail colour a lot during the winter season! 

What kind of nail colours do you reach for this time of year? xx


Thursday 11 December 2014

Prom Times evening dresses | Wishlist

I always find it super stressful shopping for formal dresses, as while you want to look fab sometimes the nicer dress has a higher price tag! However I'd like to introduce Prom Times, who specialise in prom/evening/formal wear at really reasonable prices.

I picked out the more simple designs as I personally find dresses without the embellishments and glittery bits easier to style (and also my hair is already colourful haha), these two are super pretty and the one of the left is a total dead ringer for one that Kate Middleton wore recently.


These two would be totally perfect for Christmas parties, the green especially! Plus with nearly all the dresses from Prom Times you can customise the colour and the measurements of the dress, so you end up with a totally unique outfit. 

What are you going to be wearing to parties this Christmas?

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