Saturday 27 December 2014

A day in Yokohama and China Town | Japan













Hey guys! So today I travelled to Yokohama with my two uni friends and had a look around. It's a city about an hour outside Tokyo, which is by the sea so has a few ports and is used for shipping. We had a meander round the port areas and then headed to the China town there which is so pretty! There was a couple of really stunning temples there, although I feel like a prat as I'm not sure which religion they belong to, I think they may be Taoist temples rather than Buddhist as there were no Buddhas, but if anyone has any knowledge of Chinese temples please enlighten me!

I also made a little vlog of our trip so please feel free to check it out! I hope to do more videos like that of interesting places I visit during my study abroad. xx



Sami said...

Amazing photo's, I loved your vlog too :D


Georgie said...

Thank you!! :) xx

Victoria Nightingale said...

Lovely photos, can't wait for my year abroad in Japan!

Nadia said...

Looks so nice :)

Georgie said...

Thanks! Ooh I'm guessing you do japanese at uni too then! xx

Georgie said...

Thanks xx

Georgie said...

Thanks! xx

Megan @ ThePerksOfMeg said...

Looks so lovely! Great photos!

Georgie said...

Thanks! xx

Annie L. said...

amazing shots you got there georgie!! and that pot of tea looks delightful especially on a cold winter day :)

Georgie said...

Thank you! xx

tia_cherie said...

I love the video you made, it shows so much of the location. I love those little pandas! It has been so interesting to hear about your trip especially since I know you wanted to go for so many years beforehand.

Georgie said...

Thank you Imogen! :) xx

Georgie said...

Thanks! xx

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