Sunday 21 December 2014

Instagram for clothes/Your own virtual closet - Cloth App and Liquorice Pearls Interview! | Review

Hi guys! I was contacted by Wray from Cloth back in August before they launched the app and now it's up and running! Cloth is basically an app that allows you to basically organise your wardrobe and outfits, which as a pretty organised person I love the satisfaction of being able to categorise what you wear.



I think of it as a bit like Lookbook, but I think their focus is more on more personal outfit shots (i.e the old ootd in a mirror shot) which I like, and organising what you wear rather than displaying it. I often forget to use the app but when I remember to again I'm always surprised by how much I like it, it's a really good way to choose an outfit for the day; or remind yourself 'that top goes well with that skirt', 'I should wear those shoes' more often etc.



You can categorise your outfit by occasion and weather and add tags, the weather element is especially useful to sort your outfits with, as the weather basically decides what I wear each day.

They also conducted a little interview with me which you can view on their website HERE. This post isn't sponsored or anything btw I just genuinely enjoy using this app! If you guys get the app feel free to add me, my username is liquoricepearls :) xx



melaniekay said...

Looks like a really cool app!
Melanie @

Alanna said...

Looks like an interesting app:)

Georgie said...

I would definitely recommend it :)

Georgie said...

It totally is! xx

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