Thursday 18 December 2014

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Blonde | Review

This is my recent purchase from Cult Beauty - Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Blonde. This fo' sho a cult product, who hasn't seen their fav beauty guru on YouTube raving about this or Brow Whiz in a video? I also picked up a brush with it, the large synthetic brow duo brush.

Both £12.50 each from Cult Beauty


The method I use with this product: Groom the brows with the spoolie end of the brush so the hairs all point in the same direction. Then take a teensy bit of product on the brush and outline the under part of the brow. Then I fill in the brow slowly (and with a light hand on the product), using light vertical strokes on the part of the brow closest to my nose bridge so there isn't a harsh 'start' to the brow.


I think this is the best colour match for me, as although I've got naturally quite dark hair my lashes and brows and blonde. However this colour can be a tad on the orange side in some lights (if I was being fussy, it's a good colour match) - I would like to see them bring out an ash blonde version of Dip Brow like they do for Brow Whiz.

Some selfies from my iPhone, left pic one brow is done and the other is natural - right both brows are done

  • creamy
  • little product needed per application
  • a lot of product in the pot
  • lasts all day without budging
  • gives you hi def or natural brows depending on application
  • good colour range (pls bring out Ash Blonde tho Anastasia)
  • Slightly on the pricey side
  • Little IRL availability in the UK, can only buy online
  • Need brush to apply product
Overall I am uber happy with my purchase and I will be buying this again! Have you guys tried any of the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow products? Or do you have any brow product recommendations? xx



Colleen said...

I asked for their eyebrow kit for Christmas. Will be posting a review if I do!


Serene Kurd said...

Wowww, the difference is Intense :D I love Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Products they are amongst the best around! Great review!

Serene xoxo

Lauren Parker said...

I've asked for this as a christmas present, cannot wait to try it out!


Kendal said...

I've been wanting to try this product!

Life With Kendal

helen at thelovecatsinc said...

i adore this stuff! i have the pencil too and it's all i use!

from helen at

banke balogun said...

I love Anastasia eyebrow products. They're a little pricey but definitely worth it plus it last a few months. BTW your HAIR is beautiful!!


With Love, Banke a Fashion Blog

Georgie said...

Can't wait to read it! xx

Georgie said...

Thanks! xx

Georgie said...

It's seriously good, a good thing to ask for! xx

Georgie said...

Definitely give it a try! xx

Georgie said...

I really want to try the pencil too! Such a good brand xx

Georgie said...

Yeah they're definitely worth the price, and thank you! xx

melaniekay said...

This stuff looks really cool! I never fill in my brows but maybe I should start!
Melanie @

Georgie said...

If your eyebrows are already naturally full I wouldn't bother! I just have some sparse bits in mine so I like to do it :P

Eilidh said...

I am definitely going to order this soon, it looks great!

Eilidh from Velvet-Winter

Susan Dollparts said...

can´t wait to get my hands on it :) Looks fab!!! but I also think the colour is not your perfect match.

dresses-and-travels //@Susan Dollparts

Alanna said...

I keep seeing this about and I want to try it but picking a colour to suit me is a little daunting. Shipping to Japan is usually expensive too :( I will have to check cult beauty out :D

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