Sunday 7 June 2015

Synthetic kawaii pink 24 piece make up brush set | Review





Brushes // c/o DressLink

Recently DressLink very kindly sent me these brushes to try out. My brush collection is actually pretty small for a make up fanatic so I was uber pleased to receive these. Because they are synthetic I was worried they'd have that scratchy texture but these are so soft! I did some make up on my friend recently (see above), and she had zero complaints at me blending like crazy because of how soft the brushes are (btw we put lipgloss on her eyelids so this has made the blending look a little off). There's a really good selection of brushes, especially for eye make up - down to ones that are small enough to use to apply gel eyeliner etc. My absolute fav in the set is the angled blush brush which I use to apply cheek contour, before I was using a freebie Lancome brush but this new one has upped my contour game like crazy. 

The only thing really lacking in this set is a foundation brush in the stippling style, a flat style one is provided but I find them useless because I always want to buff my foundation in rather than 'paint' it on. The set is cray cheap at around $8, plus shipping and converted back to her Maj's pounds and you're looking at around £15 for 24 brushes and them shipped to you - uber good value. Keep in mind though DressLink is based in China I think though so shipping is usually around 2 weeks unless you pay for a faster method. Overall I'm very happy with these brushes! xx

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