Friday 31 July 2009

Spirited Away

My friend lent me this beautiful Japanese film called Spirited Away the other day and its definitely my favourite animated film. Japan has the best animation in the world, and this is proof! If you see the film be sure to watch in Japanese with the subtitles, as in English it isn't quite the same.


Earlier this year I named a star. I was given a star naming pack as a present. I named it Gaia's Wrath because my name, Georgie is derived from Ge, the pagan goddess of the Earth, whose name was also Gaia. My name is also derived from the Ancient Greek, meaning to till the earth/to work on the land. A modern meaning of Georgiee is female farmer/famers daughter. I consider this pretty ironic as my family are smallholders (we aren't famers but we have some livestock) in the countryside and we keep pigs and chickens. I pretty much am a farmers daughter!
Still its cool to have my own star :) Especially as a record of it is not only stored at the British library, but at another 'secure location'. Ooh err!

Thursday 30 July 2009

Ditsy nails

Today my Konad Nail Art starter set arrived, and I've been playing with it all day. I've been trying out white prints on my bright blue Barry M polish as a base (red print didn't show up that well) and so far its a really fun product. The only problem is you have to work very quickly because the Konad nail polish dries very quickly. I think the little bow motif is my favourite.

Wednesday 29 July 2009

Rosy ♥

I'm very tempted to get one of these pairs of shorts from Topshop, either the rose pattern or the boyfriend style ones. I need some shorts that aren't literally hot pants, as I have discovered that without tights my current pair aren't exactly modest.

'Bloody weather'

Today I spent the day shopping with friends, and it true English style in rained all day. It rained so much my umbrella is broken from being turned inside out, and the soles of my feet have gone dark blue, as all the colour on the insides of my shoes has run from being soaked. I can't believe its the 29th of July and the weather is like this! Luckily I'm off to France in two weeks time, and if flooding stops me from leaving my house I will comfort myself with my new Ebay obsession, some of my recent finds are above. The floral pattern and polka dot earrings I thrifted at Portobello market. Next things arriving from ebay are a Konad art set and coral playsuit - I can't wait!

Tuesday 28 July 2009


I've been trying to read a lot of famous literature these holidays. So far I've read Lady Chatterly's Lover (which made me laugh due to its 19th century innuendos), Pride and Prejudice, Lord of the Flies, Carrie, North and South and the Shining. I read very fast. According to Brain Training I read something like 11.5 syllables every three seconds which I'm not sure is a good thing! I've also been reading Stephen King for the first time and really enjoy his style of writing. I've just finished the Shining and its actually completely different to Kubrick's movie adaptation. In some ways I think the movie was more scary than the book. Jack uses a Roque (similar to croquet) mallet instead of an axe in the novel. The novel also doesn't feature the blood gushing out of the elevator, the hedge maze or the ghostly twins. He also doesn't kill Mr Hollorann, or freeze to death. Instead he attacks Hollorann and Wendy, but Danny persuades him not to hurt him by reminding him that the hotel boiler hasn't been checked. Everyone escapes while Jack rushes to the boiler, but it explodes and the hotel is burnt to the ground, taking Jack with it. And I've just ruined the plot for you!
Does anyone else think its Jack Nicholson's eyebrows that make him look so terrifying?
Next I'm reading Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov.


Monday 27 July 2009

Shock me like electric

Miss Selfridge Vintage 80s Heels £35
Margo Topshop Jeans £40
These are my amazing shoes that I wore to my English equivalent of prom. I had been going to wear some silver peep toe heels, however at the last minute I found these and they are almost exactly the same colour as the dress I wore - co-incidence?? The electric blue looks like its come straight out of the 80s and the gold studding reminds me of these Christian Louboutin babies below.

Sunday 26 July 2009

Am I the only sour cherry on the fruit stand?

I'm listening to a lot of The Kills right now, and this post title is from their song sour cherry which if you haven't heard I'd youtube it, it has a great beat! Anyway, listening to it got me thinking of this cherry-coloured outfit I'd seen Lady Gaga wear on Japanese TV...

I really love the way she says she's 'Lady Gaga in Japan', 'Lady Gaga in Paris', its really clever image-wise and just generally cool to embrace local cultures when she travels. I'm already a fan of Lady Gaga so I loved seeing her in lolita, I'll be blogging more about this but I'm very interested in Japanese culture, especially Lolita fashion. I'm desperate to go to Camden these summer hols and visit a shop called Sai Sai which sells cheap gothic lolita clothing (which is the frilly victorian style clothing Gaga is wearing but in darker colours, think monochrome scheme).
The only problem I have with Lady Gaga is that in interviews I think she is a tad conceited, but hey wouldn't you be if you were that talented? If anyone saw her on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross she got kinda offended when he said that he admired her eccentric style, and asked him what he thought was eccentric. Jeez, she should embrace her eccentricity!

Saturday 25 July 2009


I thought I'd show you my huge poster of Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe print. The wall by my desk is quite arty, I also have hids Campbells Tomato Soup print, and some Lichtenstein and Dali up there. Below is also my treasured hollywood-esque mirror from Habitat. Hey it may be from the children's section, but its still cool right?


Friday 24 July 2009


The other day I tried out the DIY tutorial from, to make your own playsuit from a dress slip, which I didn't have so I used a long primark top in a ditsy print I bought a long time ago. I like how it turned out, the sleeves on the top are ruffled so it gives it a kinda vintage-y feel, along with the floral print.

Thursday 23 July 2009


I finally managed to get my hands on the perfect pair of gladiator sandals for the summer. I got these from an ebay shop and love them! You can't see from the photo but they also have awesome zips down the back.


Hi, my names Georgie, I'm 16 and I live in England. This is my first time blogging, just something I've set up to keep me entertained during my really long summer holidays!
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