Sunday 26 July 2009

Am I the only sour cherry on the fruit stand?

I'm listening to a lot of The Kills right now, and this post title is from their song sour cherry which if you haven't heard I'd youtube it, it has a great beat! Anyway, listening to it got me thinking of this cherry-coloured outfit I'd seen Lady Gaga wear on Japanese TV...

I really love the way she says she's 'Lady Gaga in Japan', 'Lady Gaga in Paris', its really clever image-wise and just generally cool to embrace local cultures when she travels. I'm already a fan of Lady Gaga so I loved seeing her in lolita, I'll be blogging more about this but I'm very interested in Japanese culture, especially Lolita fashion. I'm desperate to go to Camden these summer hols and visit a shop called Sai Sai which sells cheap gothic lolita clothing (which is the frilly victorian style clothing Gaga is wearing but in darker colours, think monochrome scheme).
The only problem I have with Lady Gaga is that in interviews I think she is a tad conceited, but hey wouldn't you be if you were that talented? If anyone saw her on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross she got kinda offended when he said that he admired her eccentric style, and asked him what he thought was eccentric. Jeez, she should embrace her eccentricity!

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Ariella said...

To be truthful, I don't like her much, but everything about Japan I find hugely interesting!

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