Tuesday 28 July 2009


I've been trying to read a lot of famous literature these holidays. So far I've read Lady Chatterly's Lover (which made me laugh due to its 19th century innuendos), Pride and Prejudice, Lord of the Flies, Carrie, North and South and the Shining. I read very fast. According to Brain Training I read something like 11.5 syllables every three seconds which I'm not sure is a good thing! I've also been reading Stephen King for the first time and really enjoy his style of writing. I've just finished the Shining and its actually completely different to Kubrick's movie adaptation. In some ways I think the movie was more scary than the book. Jack uses a Roque (similar to croquet) mallet instead of an axe in the novel. The novel also doesn't feature the blood gushing out of the elevator, the hedge maze or the ghostly twins. He also doesn't kill Mr Hollorann, or freeze to death. Instead he attacks Hollorann and Wendy, but Danny persuades him not to hurt him by reminding him that the hotel boiler hasn't been checked. Everyone escapes while Jack rushes to the boiler, but it explodes and the hotel is burnt to the ground, taking Jack with it. And I've just ruined the plot for you!
Does anyone else think its Jack Nicholson's eyebrows that make him look so terrifying?
Next I'm reading Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov.


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