Friday 31 July 2009


Earlier this year I named a star. I was given a star naming pack as a present. I named it Gaia's Wrath because my name, Georgie is derived from Ge, the pagan goddess of the Earth, whose name was also Gaia. My name is also derived from the Ancient Greek, meaning to till the earth/to work on the land. A modern meaning of Georgiee is female farmer/famers daughter. I consider this pretty ironic as my family are smallholders (we aren't famers but we have some livestock) in the countryside and we keep pigs and chickens. I pretty much am a farmers daughter!
Still its cool to have my own star :) Especially as a record of it is not only stored at the British library, but at another 'secure location'. Ooh err!

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Ariella said...

What a great gift... it must feel so cool to have a star on the sky carrying your name! Oh, and thanks for that link to the pearl headband. Very pretty!

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