Friday 31 October 2014

Cadbury purple/lilac hair with Manic Panic Lie locks and La Riche Directions | Hair





I finally got round to re-dyeing my hair! With having purple hair I always find mine fades to sort of pale blue/purple/green-y mix rather than straight to silver which really irritates me, so I was soo glad that a friend of mine has dyed hair before and was able to do mine. Stargazer and Manic Panic dye is pretty easy to find in Tokyo (more so than in England, you don't have to go to alternative shops) and is also the same price as the UK. As I wasn't able to find my usual Stargazer in Violet I went for Lie Locks by Manic Panic, which is only a few shades lighter.

I mixed this with a bit of leftover La Riche Directions in Violet, and some Tulip (also La Riche) in an effort to cancel out the blue that most purple dyes have as a base. The above result is after two washes and I'm pretty pleased with it! I've heard Manic Panic has the best staying power out of most unnatural dyes so I'll be interested to see how quickly this fades. I'm toying with the radical idea of not bleaching my roots for my entire year abroad and letting them grow out in preparation of having to dye my hair a 'normal' colour once I graduate from uni. I've seen quite a few girls rocking the dip dye look which looks more like reeeally grown out roots, with colour mid way in a shoulder length cut - think Kylie Jenner with the blue ends. xx


Wednesday 29 October 2014

My bedroom in Tokyo, Study Abroad in Japan | Room tour






(cup of 5 yen and 1 yen coins as vending machines don't accept them, I swear I'm not hoarding)

Yes that is a hot pink rice cooker (I may have spent extra money just to get it in pink)



You can get Listerine and Sensodyne in Japan - hurray! Albeit, Sensodyne goes under a different brand name.

The weird green thing is an air freshner, although it doesn't really give off much smell I still think it looks aesthetically pleasing haha.



How cute are these Japan Ikea sheets? Idk if they have prints unique to Japan but this one is just so cute, I mean unicorns on my pillow? Yes pls.

Hey guys! I have a ridiculous number of post draft ideas but struggling to find the time to actually get round to writing let's start with an easy one - my room in Tokyo! I did actually film a room tour to go along with this post but hearing my own voice on camera was soo cringey. Saying that I do have an old 'get ready with me' kind of make up video I may post at some point!

I've actually done quite a few of these 'room tour' type posts, I think it's really interesting to see what people's bedrooms are like as it really expresses your personality. I actually found an awesome tumblr a while back that posted teenage bedrooms from around the world - if I find it again I will link it here! Here are the ones I've done on my blog if anyone is interested!


Monday 20 October 2014

Forever 21 Japan and pastel pink check coat | Outfit


Coat // New Look via ASOS // T-shirt // Bought at a fair // Leggings // Forever 21 // Boots // Office

Quick outfit I wore to uni today! I picked up these leggings in Forever 21 in Harajuku the other day (along with a few other bits and pieces), I really wanted a similar version of these that were on Missguided but these were like half the price so I grabbed them! Having Forever 21/Topshop/H&M in Japan is actually a godsend as the sizing is the same as in the UK, so you don't have the tubby gaijin (foreigner) issues you get with most Japanese clothing brands - in that you're either a Large or you don't fit at all! Also they carry shoes in sizing which runs the same as the UK and they have the size conversion charts on the sole of each shoe - so probably the only places I will be buying shoes for a year! xx

Tuesday 14 October 2014

5 beauty favourites | September 2014



Hey guys! So I'll make this post the first in the series of Georgie-gets-off-her-arse-and-actually-blogs-posts, I stupidly didn't bring my tripod to Japan (to be fair I literally had no suitcase space left at all) and I left my Cath Kidston wrapping paper sheet at home too so am currently bereft of a pretty background to take pictures of beauty products on. However I am going to buy both a new tripod and wall paper to get the blog up and running again. I actually have plenty of ideas for posts I'm just incredibly busy here with actually going to Uni for once in my life (we have to get 80% attendance or will get chucked off the course), and getting used to life in a place where you can never be 100% sure you know exactly what you just bought in the supermarket - so I actually has de excuses.

Some of these are Japanese products, no doubt I will probably find some miracle product during my year abroad which I will then miss horribly when I go back to England.

Lux Shampoo and Conditioner - These are my first two hair products I've picked up here, I bought them as they are repair types and they seem to be doing a pretty good job. Also how fancy is Japanese packaging? I had to stop myself buying some shampoo and conditioner in apple shaped bottles just because it looked so cute! Also there are very few bottles labelled as conditioner here, most are treatment which is meant to be hair mask-esque but I honestly don't really see a difference. Also most bottles here have a pump mechanism which I love, and I like with these that you can see how much product you have left.

Hello Kitty blotting sheets (あぶらとり紙) - I know you can get these in the UK but I always struggle for some reason? I actually made the bf go to like 3 different branches of Boots and Superdrug with me before I left to get a pack and he couldn't understand why I needed them so desperately - those of you with oily skin will understand! These were super cheap from Daiso (Japan's equivalent of poundland) and the plastic-y type ones which I like.

Pointed cotton buds - Another Japanese one, I bought these for my ears not realising they were for make up lol. Anyway, they are very good for correcting make up mistakes and the design of the packaging is just marv - it has a twist cap opening so even if you leave it open you pretty much cannot spill the contents. For someone who usually throws away the lid of cotton bud pots because I'm too lazy to take it off each time I need one, and then pretty frequently knocks the entire pot on the floor/into the loo - this is a godsend. Also it's pink.

Sigma F80 flat kabuki brush - This one is more of a long-term favourite than this month, this brush has lasted me about 3 years (I had to go back through my blog archives to check when I started using it haha), and finally it has given up the ghost and the hairs are falling out. I highly recommend this brush!

Maybelline the Rocket Volum' Express mascara - I bought this quite recently and for a spur of the moment, non-blog-review-researched-beforehand-product (I literally buy nothing unless a blogger has recommended it) I really like this. I'd say it gives more length than volume, pretty good lash definition and little clumping. Also I haven't noticed it flaking at all. Do buy!

What products did you guys love in September? More soon! xx

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