Monday 23 July 2012

How to get pink dye out of your hair (without bleaching)

I've gone back to being an ombre blonde! Whilst trying to achieve this I couldn't find any tips online on how to get pink dye out of hair so thought I'd share my experience. Recently I decided to change the colour of my dip dye. To do so I needed to get back to my blonde ombre underneath as a base for re-colouring my hair.

What I hadn't anticipated is that having layered blue dye on top of my pink dip dye to get it blue/purple I now had 2 layers of colour to strip back to get to the bleached hair beneath. And, as I have discovered, pink (especially dark pink) is  BITCH to get out of your hair.

So I had a pink dip dye with some blue bits thrown in...
Then put blue dye over the top of it to get this...
I used TWO boxes of bleach (this is only for the ends of my hair mind) and bleached it three times. This stripped back the blue and purple to the pink underneath (see the first picture). However no matter how many times I bleached my hair again I could not get past an orangey flamingo pink colour to the bleach blonde beneath.
What I hadn't realised is that I should've used a colour remover kit first, and save my hair the damage of bleaching. I bought Colour B4 (normal version as the pink was quite light) and within half an hour (instead of an hour and half bleaching) I was back to blonde. 

I could actually see the pink fading from my hair as it worked. 20 minutes later and a quick rinse and I was back to my ombre (and possibly blonder than before). I used some silver shampoo (I got this one from lloyds pharmacy for about £3 and left for about 3 minutes to reduce any orange tones and bam back to blonde.
The Colour B4 had worked so well I had to rinse out the silver shampoo quickly before I went from blonde to lilac. I then followed the silver shampoo with some Pantene Rescue Treatment Masque for a couple of minutes to condition my hair.
Wish I'd done this before and saved myself some money, and damage to my hair by bleaching. Also definitely an easy way to change your dip dye colour if you get bored of it!

Blonde again!
Now I just need to decide what colour to dye my ends next...thinking green. xx


Joy Shana said...

You have nice hair

Sootjeelina said...

Wow, it looks amazing! And I think it's way better for your hair than bleaching

xoxo Sootjeelina

Imogen said...

I love your ombre hair. If I had long hair I'd probably do this. I think green would be cool to try next too.

Batty said...

I'm surprised at how well the color remover worked!

Sophia said...

Looks amazing, I love the pink dip dye! I really want to do this next week :) I just discovered your blog whilst searching for pink dip dye hair and I loooove it so much! You deserve way more followers <3 xx

Anonymous said...

Found this soooo helpful!! Been trying to get pink out of my hair for ages but was completely unable to find any tutorials until I stumbled upon this! Thank youuu!!
Oona xox

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

O! Thanx so much I'm gonna try this I'm trying to get a magenta out of my hair! :/

Unknown said...

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