Tuesday 29 October 2013

Strawberry Ice Cream | Outfit

 photo Untitled_zps2b9e66c6.png
Jumper - New Look - Shirt - New Look (plus DIY spikes) - Jeggings - Missguided
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 photo 412_zps2b2f6063.png
Bag - Primark

I swear the general public must think I'm obsessed with pink when I sit on the bus in this get up, playing on my phone which has a baby pink case, with giant pink hello kitty headphones on. I also seem to have a plethora of pink jumpers, about 7 in varying shades?! I swear I don't like pink that much! Today was such a fail day, although I did manage to finally open a student bank account (only a year too late)...Also it will NOT stop raining here in Manchester! No kidding we've had 24/hr rain, was not the best idea to wear flimsy black flats out today. xx

Friday 25 October 2013

Wesneday Adams the Uni Student

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Top - Handmedown - Pinafore - Primark - Boots - Office

Hey guyss. Just a quick look I wore the other day with a bit of a Wednesday A vibe to it. Not even sure what colour my hair is going now! I will do a lilac hair experience/tip post at some point, but I am struggling with it a bit at the moment as I dyed over the top of a very pale green which is now breaking through after multiple washes, and my roots weren't blonde enough when I bleached them so are now showing through all ginger-y, fab! With pastels/the lighter the colour you plan to dye your hair, you need to bleach your hair to as whiter blonde as possible, I didn't have this problem with the blue as it was a dark turquoise and I didn't mix the dye with conditioner at all. If you have any lilac hair tips let me know! xx

Wednesday 23 October 2013

Shooting Stars Wildfox Dupe Jumper

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Wildfox dupe jumper - eBay - Bodycon skirt - Primark - Cut out boots - eBay

Jaysus I haven't blogged in nearly a month! The problem I have is my course is very intensive, we are expected to do lesson preparation on top of homework which takes up most of the evening and I have a weekly test each monday which zeroxes lazy Sundays for me - Japanese is hard!! I have snapped a couple of outfit posts each morning so please excuse how sleepy I look, I am not a morning person.

This jumper is one of those affairs you order for uber cheap from an eBay seller in Hong Kong which take a while to get to you but are usually worth it for the price. The dying on this looks a bit funny close up on the stars but even so I've thrown it in the wash with whites before and the colour hasn't run at all, so thumbs up in my opinion. If anyone wants the link to the seller let me know and I'll dig it out of my purchase history. 

Also I've been getting involved in my University's Feminist society this semester, and my friend Naomi has just set up a Feminism blog (which has really good explanatory posts on misconceptions of Feminism/the different types if you aren't sure of/are suspicious of Feminism) - which has already been retweeted by Nigella Lawson - cool eh?? Please check it out HERE xx
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