Friday 25 October 2013

Wesneday Adams the Uni Student

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Top - Handmedown - Pinafore - Primark - Boots - Office

Hey guyss. Just a quick look I wore the other day with a bit of a Wednesday A vibe to it. Not even sure what colour my hair is going now! I will do a lilac hair experience/tip post at some point, but I am struggling with it a bit at the moment as I dyed over the top of a very pale green which is now breaking through after multiple washes, and my roots weren't blonde enough when I bleached them so are now showing through all ginger-y, fab! With pastels/the lighter the colour you plan to dye your hair, you need to bleach your hair to as whiter blonde as possible, I didn't have this problem with the blue as it was a dark turquoise and I didn't mix the dye with conditioner at all. If you have any lilac hair tips let me know! xx

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