Saturday 18 April 2015

AlphaH Liquid Gold Skincare on sensitive/oily skin | Review

I bought this product ages ago from Cult Beauty as a Christmas present to myself and I have kind of mixed feelings about it. As an fyi I have oily, sensitive skin. This product is basically a Glycolic Acid exfoliator, I'd read somewhere that it's better to use these kind of toner-like liquid exfoliators instead of an actual scrub on your face (especially with oily skin as scrubbing just stimulates oil production), so I decided to try this out. I got mine from Cult Beauty here for £33.50.


The way I use it is the intensive treatment way, before bed you cleanse and tone, then apply the liquid gold as you would a toner, then skip moisturiser and repeat this every other night. I was going to review this after two weeks but I was pretty undecided about it. Basically for sure this improves skin texture and gets rid of dead skin cells. 

I have quite a 'bumpy' forehead, not spots as such just an uneven skin surface, and I definitely felt like my skin looked and felt a lot smoother. Also if you have any spots, resisting the urge to squeeze them and then using Liquid Gold definitely reduced them overnight as I guess the product dries them out.

However, I realised recently I have mild rosacea on my cheeks (sometimes I wake up with very red cheeks or patches or red and tiny whiteheads and this either fades throughout the day or lasts) - and using Liquid Gold was definitely making this flare up. I did some research online and found loads of rosacea sites being like 'the following products will probably provoke a rosacea flare up' and acid exfoliators were listed as a big no-no. 

Liquid Gold is marketed to be fine to use with sensitive skin but I think Rosacea is probably a bit different, it might be alright with 'normal' sensitive skin. So at the moment I only use Liquid Gold on my forehead and chin taking care to avoid my cheeks entirely. Apparently though Liquid Gold Intensive Night Repair serum is recommended for soothing Rosacea so I might try that.


- good exfoliant
- improves skin texture
- reduces spots


- pricey
- not suitable if you have Rosacea

Have any of you used Liquid Gold before? xx



Lauren Parker said...

I've been wanting to try this out for a while now, I suffer from a lot of acne scarring so I think it would work really well for me!


Dressed With Soul said...

Thank you for the helpful review!

Many thanks for your friendly words on my blog. Your blog is obviously
made with love and now I want to ask you if you want to follow each other?

xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

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Naomi said...

Haven't used it before but it sounds promising!

XO Naomi in Wonderland

Kirsty Leigh said...

I've not tried anything like this before but it sounds great! Its a shame its not so great on your cheeks though :( xx

Kirsty Leigh // A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

Annabel said...

I keep wanting to try this, and especially so if its a good exfoliant. I struggle to find a good one!

Annabel ♥
Mascara & Maltesers

melaniekay said...

This stuff looks great! I would love to try it out :)
Melanie @

Alex said...

I've got possibly the worst skin type possible, with really dry/sensitive patches and oily everywhere else, so I'm not sure how my skin would react to this! It looks excellent for oily skin though!


Georgie said...

Yup I think it would work well for scarring! You should give it a try xx

Georgie said...

Thanks for your comment! xx

Georgie said...

I'd deffo recommend it if you're into experimenting with skincare! xx

Georgie said...

For some it's amazing, kinda of sad it was hit and miss for me! xx

Georgie said...

I think it's only me who has this problem which is annoying, most people rave about liquid gold :/ xx

Georgie said...

It's definitely a good 'un for exfoliation! xx

Georgie said...

It's definitely worth a try! :)

Georgie said...

Tbh I think I have a similar skin type, I don't really know what it wants half the time! xx

Emma O said...

I havent tried this but my skin is so sensitive to anything so this is something I will be trying!

Emma x

Kat M said...

Interesting review, I have seen this being haled as a super product but if it's not suitable for sensitive then I will give it a miss. Especially considering its so expensive!

Colleen said...

I never knew you had rosacea! You can't see it in your pictures at all!


Georgie said...

The brand say it's okay for sensitive skin so it's worth a go! xx

Georgie said...

I think it's only Rosacea that liquid gold agitates, it will differ from person to person but Alpha H say it's suitable for sensitive skin :)

Georgie said...

Its very mild and I can cover it with foundation/concealer, usually it's pretty dormant but some things just agitate it a lot sadly! xx

tia_cherie said...

I haven't tried it but I've heard quite a lot about it, very helpful review.

Georgie said...

I'm glad you found it helpful! :) xx

Kat M said...

Thats handy to know, I think it's a definite try before you buy!

Dressed With Soul said...

It´s a pleasure for me that I follow you now on gfc and bloglovin, it would be great if you follow me back :)

xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

Giveaway: Zatchels Bag as Thank-You for the Supporter of my Hobby

Georgina Fox said...

I think I would definitely give this a go - especially as the skin on my face isn't particularly sensitive!


Emma O said...

Ah great, thanks I definitely will :)

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