Wednesday 22 April 2015

Recently in Tokyo... | Instagram update #6



Uni outfits 1 // 2 // Practising cut crease make up for a night out in Shibuya // Waffles in Kichijouji // Konbini lunch // Sailor moon goodies from Akihabara

A quick insta update for those of you that don't follow me on there! Last weekend was pretty eventful, what was supposed to be a big night out in Nichoume (the gay district in Tokyo) ended up being just three of us in a club in Shibuya and we happened to be there the night Kill the Noise was doing a set (I had to look him up but apparently he's pretty famous) which was actually pretty fun in the end. We also went to Akihabara (the anime/electronics area in Tokyo) for a mooch and got some Sailor Moon goodies from a gacha machine (Sailor Chibi tho so I'll be going back to try for Mars or Sailor Moon versions).

I've also started snapping outfit mirror shots when I actually have on something other than leggings and a massive grey jumper for uni. I'm much more active on Instagram than on my actual blog so if you like you can follow me @liquoricepearls xx



Colleen said...

by the way, your link to instagram at the bottom of your post is broken!

melaniekay said...

I love your instagrams! Also, that waffle looks incredible!
Melanie @

Serene Kurd said...

Your eyeliner skills are amazing <3 & I love the check skirt :)

Serene xoxo

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