Sunday 22 June 2014

Hair dyeing history...from brown, dip dye, blue and purple hair!

Thought I'd put together a post documenting my hair dye history over the years. I've dug into the archives to when I was around 16 and first starting dyeing my hair for this, so prepare from some cringey pictures! Quite a few of these may be already on my blog as I've been blogging since 2009!


2009 - My natural hair colour, and then I dyed it a purple cherry colour.


(L to R): 2010 - after my first adventures in hair dye I got the bug and dyed it an even darker brown, which was super patchy at the back. Then in 2011 when ombre started circulating on the blogosphere I bleached my ends, they look super ginger here with the camera flash but in reality it was hardly noticeable and not graduated at all! Still I thought I was really cool (17 year old Georgie, totes ahead of the hair trends). It was then pretty damaged from the bleaching so I had it all cut off (also check out my experimental lipliner).


4 months later I decided to bleach the ends again to a nice ginger colour apparently, then put lilac over the top which of course didn't take well, as you can see on the right.

This then faded and it looks like I managed to sort out the brasiness somehow.

I then started experimenting with colour - yay! 2012 I slapped pink on the ends and experimented with putting streaks of blue in there too.

2012 (2)
After it faded to blonde again I decided to put a full streak in my hair, and dye it and my ends apple green into pink.

2012 -The green and pink faded and I redyed it for a while as a started uni, then dyed my ends atlantic blue.

I went home for Christmas and had practically all of the dip dye chopped off! I felt really strange with basically no colour whatsoever, so when I got back to uni I enlisted my friends help to bleach my entire head... (not a good look)

Then I dyed it a sort of pastel blue, then mixed turquoise and coral blue for ages to get this turquoise colour which I kept for 9 months.


Then September 2013 I bleached my head again and dyed my hair purple into blue at the ends. I never put the blue back in after it faded and I've kept it a mid purple/bright lilac colour ever since. I think this is my favourite colour on me. Looking back I think the turquoise washed me out quite a bit and made me look even paler. I think the only two colours I won't go are blonde and pink all over, as I'm pale but with pink/red undertones to my skin and a ruddy complexion, so I think it would make me look a bit odd. 

I'm thinking of keeping the purple for the time being but I have been tempted recently to go back to brown for the sake of no root management or redyeing. Anyone else been pretty experimental with their hair colour over the years? xx


Josie's Journal said...

Wow you have an amazing hair history! I'm SO unexperimental with mine. I think the blue is my favourite, it's a gorgeous colour x

Halima a said...

your hair looked amazing when you dyed the ends atlantic blue,I love the different colours you've dyed your hair :)

helen at thelovecatsinc said...

ooh i love the lilac hair!

from helen at

Eilidh said...

wow you really suit the lilic, I wish I was as brave as you to try colour ha ha!

Eilidh from Velvet-Winter

Joshua Greenwood said...

Really great post! Love it.

Eleanor Weyman said...

Great post! I love the purple and blue hair the best. i dip dye my hair a lot but I'm not quite brave enough to dye my whole head of hair xD


Hannah B said...

I love seeing posts about people's hair journeys!! Most people's are so interesting with all the different colours they've experimented with but seriously if I did one it would be brown - brown - brown - a couple of highlights - back to brown - brown - brown. I'm so boring with my hair!! I love your hair colour now, it suits you so much, although I must admit I quite like it when the green and pink have faded, it looks all pastely and pretty.
Great post!!

Hannah xx

Magda Carvalho said...

big history of your hair, but i love your hair now ;)


Lyndsay ♡ said...

Wowee, thats a lot of colour changes! I love the purple, think it really suits you :)

Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

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