Monday 30 June 2014

90s child in a denim dress | Outfit


Earrings & Choker - eBay


T-shirt - Topshop
Dress - Vintage
Socks - Topshop
Jelly Shoes - Primark

This outfit is fairly casual, but according to my bestie I basically look like a child that's been time warped out of the 90s, hence the post title! To be honest I was only 7 when the 90s ended so I didn't get super into the fashion or even the Spice Girls, I was much more an early 2000s child and a huge S Club 7, and then S Club 8 fan, who remembers those god awful combat trousers with the strips hanging off them, paired with mesh vests? That was my dream outfit! Anyhoo, this dress I picked up at a vintage kilo sale a while ago, and I got round to taking the hem up recently (I am very proud of this considering I have the sewing skills of a blind badger) and it's super easy to throw on with a t-shirt. I also indulged in the cute socks and sandals trend, especially considering I can't wear these jelly shoes without socks or they give me horrific blisters (the first time I wore them my feet were scarred for about two weeks after), so annoying! If anyone has any tips on stretching jelly shoes please let me know as Primark don't do a size bigger in these (#giantfeet). 

Picked up a Lush scrub and some new toner so I'm off to do a face mask and lie in the bath, hope everyone had a relaxing weekend! xx


Emily Smith said...

This outfit looks so brilllll with your hair, wearing 90's stuff is fun
love your styleeeee gurlllll xoxo

Josie's Journal said...

This is such a cute outfit, I love denim dresses! x

Emma said...

So much 90's! I had jelly shoes and a choker like that too! Need arms full of bracelets though, karma beads? Was that what they were called? You look so rad though.

Emma x

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