Friday 25 March 2011

Finally Friday #12

This is quite a random finally friday as I have a few random photos to share!
One of my besties got her first tattoo during lunch break at school today, an Egyptian eye of Horus on the back of her neck, love this so much! I can't believe how brave she was as well considering its fairly big and also on her neck so near a ton of nerves but apparently it just felt a bit scratchy when it went over bone?! *shudders*
(that isn't blood btw its ink around the dressing)
1) I turn 18 in just under two weeks! I can't wait, it'll be so nice to be able to properly go out and not have to worry about ID and be able to buy alcohol, and to legally be an adult! Howevs not looking foward to not being able to rely on adults as much, make scary life decisions etc. Although I will still claim to be 15 and buy child tickets on the bus tehe!
2) I'll be in France on my birthday in a skiing village as I am helping look after my little cousins while they are on holiday with my aunt and uncle, so I'll be picking them up from ski school and things. I hope the internet connection will be good there and I will try and blog from the chalet, I'm hoping I don't get homesick/lonely being away from my immediate family and friends on my birthday.
3) I've decided to stop blogging from may 15th till my exams end in late June as I've just signed up for 2 psychology module retakes and I'm doing my English AS exam for the THIRD time because the last time I retook I was 1 mark off A...FML!! And then my Ancient History teacher decides to surprise my whole class with signing us all up to retake Greek History AS because he wants to bump up our marks a little...then after my retakes I have my A2 exams which I need to do well in to get into university etc and seeing as my epic lack of work let me down at GCSE and AS I actually need to knuckle down this time! Of course I will keep reading everyone's blogs though, I think my main weakness in blogging is I read other peoples blogs a lot but don't update mine enough!


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Unknown said...

That TAT is a beauty. Love your blog hun. I think you should so get a matching ink though. H ah. x

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