Saturday 19 March 2011

Recent decoden

As you may know I enjoy practising the noble art of decoden (which is an abbreviation of 'decorate' and 'phone' in Japanese but people deco more than just phones, I've seen BIKE deco!), here are some of my recent deco projects...

I deco'd this earring stand as a present for my friend (the same friend made the little hamburgers/hot dogs/doughnuts):
And old compact mirror:
A make up brush:
I guess this isn't really deco but kawaii'd up a free case that came with an Ebay false eyelash order:
And finally a clear case for my Ipod touch!

Someone emailed me the other day about deco supplies from Strapya World, if you have any questions about decoden I'm fairly novice but I'm happy to answer them or any other q's if you want to email me at or use my formspring in the sidebar <<< ^ ^
 If you'd like to see more of the things I've decorated, scroll down to my tags on the left and click 'decoden'.



Victoria said...

Oh Wow! These are adorable and so cute! xxx

Imogen said...

So sweet, I especially love the makeup brush and the earing stand. How adorable for you to make it for your friend.

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