Saturday 12 July 2014

Tumblr mermaid clothing and acessories | Wishlist

1 // Tatty Devine // 2 // Romwe // 3 // Topshop // 4 // Etsy // 5 // Amazon // 6 // Romwe // 7 // Mermaid in England

I found the Tatty Devine earrings and they inspired me to hunt for some mermaid-y pieces! I'm not gonna lie there's a serious chance I may end up buying all some of these items, especially the two piece and the shell crop top. Also, if you didn't think the rainbow bikini was cute enough, it's actually white but turns rainbow in water! This is very 'tumblr mermaid' inspired, think pastel hair, metallics, holographics, shells, pearls and scale prints. The Botticelli print sweatshirt I suppose doesn't apply to this but tbh there's nothing more mermadic than rising from the waves on a shell is there? xx
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