Monday 6 January 2014

What I've been up to | Instagram

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Lilac curls / Bonfire night / Veggie sausages and mustard mash / My little pony tee / Ate these in one go / Picked up a load of cute hello kitty cups
 photo 21_zps689689b9.jpg
Sailor moon marathon / American style takeaway box / Queens of the stone age wristbands / My first pint of beer / Cute earrings I picked up / Wah inspired comic book mani
 photo 22_zps87bc3f82.jpg
Stuffed peppers / Mermaid waves / Housemate made some amazing soup / Housemate did ma nails / Uni house Christmas meal starter / And the main event
 photo 24_zps8a0a0ff6.jpg
Quattro Stagioni at Zizzi's / From the FOTD below! / Xmas pressies from my bestie / Cute cake decorations / Tequilaa / Raspberries in raspberry vodka
 photo 23_zpse35114a3.jpg
Went Ribena purple / Nandos (got 100 notes on tumblr wat) / Train lunch / OOTD / Silver and gold crackle mani / Home cooked seafood risotto

Hey guys! I hope everyone had a very happy Christmas and New Year, I was rubbish taking photos of anything so no end of year type posts from me. I don't think I took enough outfit pictures to justify a years summary of those either XD

I know I don't post that often these days, but I am very active on Instagram since upgrading to an Iphone from a crappy blackberry - so please follow me on instagram if you want to receive more regular updates from me ^^


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