Monday 19 September 2011

Acceptable in the 80s

 Top - ASOS - Skirt - Zara - Boots - Ebay
 Nails: Alluring Creature by Jessica
Brows with the HD brows palette that came with this month's Glossy Box, will review soon!

Greetings! So it has been a ridiculously long time since I blogged but weirdly enough (and I mean it IS weird, normally all I do is sit at home on tumblr for days on end) I have been busy being social and whatnot! I work two days a week at the charity shop I mentioned last post which is going well, you do get some crazy people coming in though and sadly a lot of shoplifters, so one of my main duties is to glare suspiciously at anyone who comes in. Anyway this is what I wore to work today, just nice and simple! Pretty much all the lilac in my hair has faded now but I'm reluctant to dye it again, as I'm pleased with how I managed to get the ombre to be gradual this time and pink might make the blonde go orange, thoughts guys? xx


essie said...

cute outfit :)

Unknown said...

Lovely outfit :)

Imogen said...

Love this look and its so good to hear that you have a job and its going well for you.

Winnie said...

That seems crazy to read that you get so many shop lifters, how sad! Your hair looks really cute and I'm pretty much in love with that pink nail polish, it's really lovely!

Ashley said...

Great outfit ! I'm loving the floral bodycon skirt ! x

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