Tuesday 4 October 2011

Dead leaves and the dirty ground

So I know its been boiling the past few days and I've just been lounging about in shorts and a tank top, but today it cooled down a bit and this is what I wore:

Blouse - New Look - Jeans - New Look - Bag & Sandals - Ebay

 Went and handed in more CV's today in this, I hope it made appear nice and employable. Job hunting is so bloody depressing! And it doesn't help that everyone's facebook at the moment shows them having an amazing time at university on fresher's week while I mope around trying to get some fool to employ me...really hope taking a gap year is worth it in the end! Anyway end of depressing rant, I'm so glad I can finally crack out some clothes I bought for the Autumn! I saw someone online going on about how predictable the Autumn colour scheme trends are, the same maroon, teal, mustard and browns each year, but I like it! Teal is my favourite colour, the colours all have a really classic feel to them and hey you match the leaves on the ground.

Bought a silly amount of stuff recently:
 (New Look)
(The charity shop where I work)

I can't recommend volunteering in a charity shop enough, its hard work but it gives you great work experience, looks fab on your CV, you're doing a good deed and as I have found, you get good bargains! I get a 25% staff discount on top of being able to shotgun any items I like before they even go out on the shop floor...hence on Monday managed to snag a Motel rose print bodycon dress (see above) in mint condition, and two gorgey maroon coloured jumpers for when it starts getting chilly. So yes I would highly advise volunteering guys! xx


Shabna said...

WOW you got some good stuff! I love your outfit xx

Amy Acorn said...

you look so pretty! such a lovely outfit x

Niina - My Paper Chaos said...

nice stuff! that mustard blouse you're wearing in the first picture is really cute! sounds like a good idea to volunteer in a charity shop!


Anonymous said...

oooh LOVE the stuff off ebay! great finds! :D

XO Sahra
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