Monday 10 October 2011

HD Brows Review

Like a lot of other bloggers who subscribe to Glossy Box, I received an HD Brow palette in September's box, and I love it! Normally I don't fuss with my eyebrows as they don't grow much, I had been using a Rimmel Brow pencil in Hazel but it was a bit too much of an orangey-brown for my brow colour. This product is personally what I think made the September Glossy Box worth it (£12.95 I think per box), as on the HD Brows website the palettes retail for £19.95!
The great thing about the palette is it is both a brow and eye palette, and as I only use one colour for my brows (which I find matches my hair colour better than my brows naturally do...lolwut) I used the remaining colours to do a smokey brown eye.
With both eyes and eyes done with the HD Brow Palette:
And before and after HD Brows (only HD Brows on the right brow)
I look very blah here as took the photo at about 2am, while skyping my bestie, hence the ear phones!

I personally now feel like 'doing' my brows is as essential as concealer, it really makes a difference to your face! What do you guys use product-wise on your eyebrows? xx


Winnie said...

Your brows look great! I love the idea of Glossy Boxes but still yet to sign up for them!

Ashley said...

They look fabulous ! Wish I could get a glossy box, but living in the states, I can't unfortunately. Lovely blog x

Imogen said...

Looks really fabulous and I love the effect of the animation.

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