Tuesday 16 July 2013

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder | Review

This was a recent purchase after my 17 powder compact shattered for the 3rd and last time. Since then I've discovered that if you pack eyeshadow/powder compacts with cotton wool while travelling it stops them from shattering - clever! However every time I've shattered the powder inside a compact is because I've dropped it while applying my make up, so clumsy.

 photo 009_zps6c5fbc01.png

Anyhoo onto the review! The powder comes without a puff/application pad or whatevever you call it, which I think is a good thing. I prefer to use a brush to apply powder as those pads that come with powder give you less control and are probably pretty unhygienic and more likely to smear you make up imo.

 photo 010_zpse70bd74f.png

Before - After

 photo 1_zps3780610b.png
 photo Untitled_zps573f5b88.png

I always find it pretty confusing choosing a powder colour as obvs powder colour isn't as noticeable as foundation but I think I did okay getting 'Peach Glow'. I'm quite impressed with this product actually, Rimmel can be quite hit and miss (terrible liquid eyeliners for example) but this powder kept me mattified on a boiling hot day - with an oily skin type. Would recommend! xx

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