Saturday 6 July 2013

Jeffrey Campbell shoes #3 ★ Lita Crown with silver spikes

These were an impulse buy as my friend was about to buy a pair, and then the sales assistant told her they'd actually been reduced to £55; which is ridiculous for litas especially in the 'crown' design, so I had to buy a pair too ofc.

 photo 034_zps6e7f1260.png

 photo 035-2_zpsa1a6034c.png
 I got them in Harvey Nichols and checking out the website they seem to sell JC shoes for cheaper than anywhere else, maybe because they convert the price to pounds more fairly from dollars? Quite a few Lita designs for around the £50 mark and flats around £60, click HERE.

 photo 038-2_zpsea89a64d.png

 photo 037-2_zpse23e2a25.png

I'm unsure whether to sell these on eBay or not considering as a student I shouldn't really be buying tempting to keep though! I got these in a size 6, normally I am a 7 but I reckon Litas run slightly bigger. Also if you are a Jeffrey Campbell fan check out Asami's blog entirely dedicated to JC HERE. She also has a really impressive collection of around 400 pairs of Jeffreys I believe. xx



Unknown said...

cool, they really were a bargain! :)

Jacky said...

wow, these are amazing! <3

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