Saturday 19 January 2013

In the land of gods and monsters

 photo 1-14_zps4c049e09.png
Snood - Accessorize - Coat - Unbranded - Bag - Primark - Jeans - New Look - Boots - Office
 photo 019-3_zps46033407.png
Some grotesque picture of fishmongers in the National Gallery, could not for the life of me work out what the fish on the bottom right is; and also it looks like it has hands and a face haha!
 photo 024-4_zpsfdee3c80.png
Beanies £1 each
 photo 025-2_zps4aa482bd.png
Cardigan - £14 - Snood - £1
 photo 026-2_zpsfc723664.png
Sweatshirt - £8 - T-shirt - £3
 photo 027-5_zpscf224f50.png
Top - £10 - Hat thingy - £1

Long time no post AGAIN. In the middle of exams at uni and revision (or lack of) is killing me, it's so depressing! Literally haven't left my flat apart from to get more Sainsbury's £1 double chocolate chip cookies, and  then eat them all while I feel depressed about how bad at Japanese I am. My last exam is on Wednesday and then I will get back to the normal university routine of going out, shopping and generally avoiding work. I did go out and have a quick shopping spree in Primarni as you can see above though ^ ^
My little bro took the outfit pics when I went on a family trip to London to the National Gallery for the day. Took a while because he enjoys pretending to take an outfit photo, but instead taking close ups of my nose or eyes. We were only in the National Gallery for a bit and then walked down the entire length of the King's Rd trying  to find Jamie Laing of Made in Chelsea's Candy Kittens shop...only to be told by someone it was only a pop up shop and had closed down. Nearly cried, the King's road is so freaking long! We made up for it the disappointment by getting Maccy D's, muchly exciting day. Anyhoo I'm back to learning about the history of ancient Japan (shoot me now), posting back to normal after wed! xx

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