Thursday 6 August 2009

Shojo Beat time!

In England there's very little in the way of 'stuff' for manga/anime fans. Its rare to find a manga section in a book shop, and if you do its very small. There's only one magazine in the UK for manga fans. Most people don't even know about manga and anime, or think its a lot of my friends! For those who don't know manga is basically Japanese comic books, and anime is Japanese cartoons. For example most people have watched an anime if even they've never heard of the term, remember Pokemon? Pokemon is actually the shortened Japanese for 'pocket-monster' - pocketu monsuta.
America has tons of conventions for anime and manga fans, and magazines dedicated to it. One of the magazines for girls manga (Shojo or shoujo manga) was called Shojo Beat, and my relatives who live in America were sending me issues. Unfortunately it closed down recently due to the economic crisis. However I was recently ebaying and I discovered a few for cheap!
So this is my new stack of 10 issues of shojo beat - yay!

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Kavita @ She Wears Fashion - UK style and fashion blog said...

I'm in LOVE with manga/anime. Yes i totally agree you can never find anywhere here.. it really sucks :(

I was going to get some off ebay from Japan and America but the shipping costs are crazy!
As of yet i don't know ANYWHERE that sells them, the places that used to where i live have all closed. It's a tradegy :( I have a ton of Ranma 1/2 comics i got cheap however from a library clearance, it was amazing :) xxx

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