Friday 28 January 2011

Finally Friday #9

Too much pink haha?! The lippy is Gaga's lipstick for MAC Viva Glam and the sweatshirt is my Mum's.

Watching...things on youtube when I should be revising
Listening to...Echoes by The Rapture
Looking foward to...Half Term, only 3 weeks to go!!

1) Not much happened this week, I've been experimenting with my Dolly Wink Pure Little Lashes and I will try and review them this weekend.
2) Well actually something did happen now I think about it, I received a letter from Downing St in the post (thinking it was another bank letter wasn't that excited till I flipped it over and 10 DOWNING STREET was printed on the back!). It was in response to my letter to David Cameron about the governments' plans to build a second high speed rail through England which is going to destroy my village, and a lot of other homes; also villages, farmland and areas of natural beauty etc. Basically a massively douchebaggy idea to be spending millions on when we already have a high speed rail and they are cutting funds left right and center yet spending about £40 million on railways, last time I checked one of Britain's main problems wasn't a shortage of railways! *calms down a bit* Anyways rant over its another cock up on behalf of the people that run this country, but the reply I got from a certain 'S Caine' thanked me for my 'excellent' letter and said they are fowarding my letter to the department for transport so I am now expecting a reply from them too.
3) I have an A2 Psychology module today (well I'm writing this on a Wednesday so in two days time) wish me luck!!



Hope Adela Pasztor said...

i love your hair color! =)

Shes Dressing Up said...

Cute photo :)! I hope you are successful in getting a proper response out of the dep for transport; it isn't as if the UK is THAT big. We don't need more high speed rail, prfft!

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