Monday 10 January 2011

DIY Ombre hair : Complete How to ♥

 After buying the wrong dye once I finally got round to giving myself Ombre hair! If you don't know what Ombre is, it is basically a graduation of usually brown through to light brown or blonde at the bottom section of the hair. Celebs like Alexa Chung, Drew Barrymore have sported this look:

I have also seen versions with bright colours (for example Amy of Forever Curiouser has bright red) but I would call that dip dyeing, a la Gaga and Nicki Minaj.

 As for the origin of Ombre I've no idea, I've been pronouncing it ohm-bre as in the French for 'shadow' but my friend read my blog and asked me when I was going to om-bray (which I'm sure is some sort of Mexican dance) my hair so idk!
It is very simple to do and does not require that much skill or money. All the bloggers who have done Ombre (for example LLYMLRS, Amy Antoinette, Zoella) have used L'oreal Excellence Creme Blonde Highlights kit so I went and got that for about £6. If you are a brunette like me you will need this or something similar that bleaches as nothing will happen to your hair if you just use Blonde hair dye.
The innards of the packet are quite scary as there are a lot more bits of pieces including a scary looking metal rod with a hook on the end and a fetching bonnet:
Trololol (turns out the rod is to hook strands of hair through the bonnet to be highlighted)

Anyway so you mix everything together and solution turns a lilac colour:
As my hair is quite long so I tied it into two bunches with small elastic hair ties so I would have an equal amount of Ombre on each side with the hair tie as a guideline.

(wearing my special hair dyeing t-shirt hence the purple stains)
Then you literally just slap the dye on! Although if you tie into bunches make sure you thoroughly dose each bunch in dye as this can cocoon hair from being dyed.
I left mine for 35 minutes (I'd say 30 mins minimum for brunettes), washed the dye off and had this lovely golden brown colour:

I took this pic a few days after the dyeing so it may have faded a bit, and its a little darker one one side but I still love it! I may go a bit lighter but seeing as my hair is currently dyed quite a dark brown I think being completely blonde at the ends might look a bit odd so I like the lighter brown colour ombre on me better.The kit also comes with a conditioning mask, as a negative is that bleaching does dry your hair out quite a bit so this softens the hair a little. Overall I am very pleased as I love experimenting with my hair colour and this was an easy way to transform my hair. Next step is to bleach it light enough so I can dye the ends lilac...we'll see!

EDIT: I realise ombre is meant to be more of a subtle transition but my hair was dyed dark brown to begin with so it was never going to be that unnoticetable, but it looks a lot more subtle now. Just in case anyone thought the colour change was a bit block-y. Here is a more recent picture of me with the ombre:

Also just as a heads up the bleaching did dry out my hair a lot and encourage my split ends, if you have the money I would get it done professionally at the hairdressers, especially if your hair is very dark as you will require more bleaching.




Hope Adela Pasztor said...

oooh great tutorial! i've been thinking about doing this! =)

Imogen said...

Great tutorial and it's so creative that you tried it. I always wondered how you decide where to to start the next colour. Its interesting to see the celebs too. Some of them take it pretty far such as the second picture of Drew Barrymore.

Amy Acorn said...

oh it looks gorgeous on you! and yay thanks for the mention :) x

Shes Dressing Up said...

Ooh wow it looks amazing!! I love it :)

Sarah said...

I did these a few months ago and from experience it does take a few goes to look its best!

Also after you've applied most the dye you should add a bit more above where the dye stops so that it blends into your natural hair colour rather than shows as two block colours of light and dark. (Do this about 10 minutes before you rinse off all of the dye so it's not as light as the bottom)

Zuzana said...

Lovely! Hair and you too!;)

Katie Flight said...

your hair looks like it has to different shades, did you do anything else after the 2nd application? i really want to do this! also was your hair dyed? mine is so im just wundering if it would work for me xx

Katie Flight said...

3 different shades even!

Lauren said...

Thanks for this tutorial! It was really helpful when I did my own DIY ombre. You can check out how it worked for me here. :)

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