Tuesday 4 January 2011

Style Crush ♥ Lady Gaga

I may have mentioned before that I am a MAHOOSIVE fan of Lady Gaga. Many people hate her because they think she is weird, but I think the fact she isn't your run of the mill Cheryl Cole or Katy Perry, i.e a pretty face but little talent behind the make up, makes her far more interesting. Lady Gaga is brilliant because she can back up her outrageous outfits, videos and performances with genuine musical (in singing, writing music and playing piano) and artistic talent; hence why I believe she will be a billion times greater than lets say, Madonna. Plus let us not forget her equality activism (campaigning against Don't Ask, Don't Tell, which has just been repealed), charity work (named most charitable celeb of 2010: donated $500,000 to Haiti earthquake relief and helped raise millions to fight HIV/AIDS)...Gaga is an all round good bean!
And of course she is the ultimate role model for confidence and not giving a crap what anyone thinks about you, demonstrated not only by her outfits but her appearance on Jonathan Ross when questioned about the hermaphrodite rumours, took a delicate sip from her floral tea cup and responded with: 'Well, I do have a really big Donkey dick'.
Fashion wise she has just been named Vogue's best dressed of 2010; and it is kind of hard to summarise Lady Gaga's style in a few outfit shots so I've divided the pictures into make up, shoes, wigs, hats and my top 5 favourite outfits of hers. Collages are made by me with pictures sourced from Google images.
L-R : Lightning bolt hat, telephone hat on Jonathan Ross, 'hair hat', Antler and feather hat, Kermit fascinator, Phillip Treacy lobster hat

L- R: The hair bow, blonde with yellow dip dye, silver with mermaid blue graduation, coke cans from the telephone video, pink and blonde curls

L-R: Red sequinned eyes at the royal variety performance, pink glitter at the Grammys, pearl face art, Telephone video x2, and the make up to go with the Mickey Mouse jumpsuit in the Paparazzi video
L-R: Glittery lilac heels at the Grammys, Alexander McQueen shoes from Bad Romance, Noritaka Tatehana heeless shoes and Wedges

These are just my top 5 favourite outfits of hers that sprung to mind!
L-R: Beautiful Alexander McQueen renaissance print dress at the VMAS, White lace jumpsuit at the Brit Awards, White Crystals dress (I prefer the aqua blue version but couldn't find any photos!), the bubble dress, and one of her more demure outfits but still thought it was pretty for its simplicity.

Hope you all enjoyed this post!




Shes Dressing Up said...

Great post! Lady Gaga is literally amazinggg!

Imogen said...

This is a great post. You should do some more posts like this about celebrity style (I probably should too sometime). There are many things I like about Lady Gaga but overall her fashion is a little out there and extreme for me!

Amy Acorn said...

I adore the Gaga, she is amazing x

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