Saturday 15 January 2011

★ Vintage shopping ★

On Wednesday before I went back to school I went shopping with my friends, and visited two vintage shops. Although bloggers rave about Vintage clothing and charity shop finds I've never really got into it, but I can understand the enthusiasm! This is what I wore:

Sorry for the blurry pictures, my camera is finally giving up the ghost and is now prone to fits of bluriness for no reason and I am too nervous to dip into my gap year fund for a new one :(

Jeans - Gap - Jumper - Vintage - Scarf - Topshop - Bag - New Look - Boots - Zara

The shops I visited were like a treasure trove, the first thing I saw when I went in to the first was a whole rack of vintage chunky cardigans at prices far more reasonable than in Topshop! The first place we visited I bought this navy oversized cardi which you can see me wearing in a previous post, and I also acquired two more of my Dad's old jumpers to with the burnt orange one above. No idea what I can wear the mustard-y brown coloured one with though!

Then we walked to the next vintage shop (passing several adult shops on the way errr dirty) and I picked up 3 vintage scarves which I've been wearing in my hair since.

Then went to the highstreet shops which were so dissapointing in comparison! I had a Topshop gift card from Christmas to spend, yet all I found was this necklace and a make up brush - no bargains on the sale rack at all.

Deco'd the make up brush with a few rhinestones when I got home:
Also went to Boots to pick up the hair dye (see below), my favourite eye primer and some hairspray (notice how I specifically chose the can which was not endorsed by Cheryl bloody Cole).

Also, I've added a like option at the bottom which is quicker than commenting, just click it and it doesn't load a new page or anything. May be helpful as I'm not sure whether people are reading my blog and not commenting or not reading my blog at all; in which case how do you let people know your blog exists?!



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Becca Joy said...

ooh sweet sweaters, I love a good charity shop find!

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