Friday 21 January 2011

Finally Friday #8

Listening to - My Secret Friend by IAMX
Watching - Big Fat Gyspy Weddings
Looking foward to - Getting an Itouch (when I have the money!)

1) This is me with my cat (not really a kitten anymore) Noodle who I posted about here when we got him and his sister Zaza from a cat rescue. He had his 'addendas' snipped two days ago but as soon as we let him out the cat carrier he was tearing around attacking things as usual, suprisingly perky for someone who has just had their balls lopped off haha!
2) I am so stressed right now, I had an English resit on Monday which I'm praying went well and Psychology module next week. Problem is I am terrible at revising (the thought of it makes me more stressed than the actual exam) so I always find it impossible to knuckle down and get to work!
3) I received my second uni offer yesterday (yay!), but I'm sure that my first offer is the university I want to go to. I haven't mentioned what I applied for here yet, my intention throughout my GCSE's and AS's was to apply for English and creative writing as that was always my 'thing' but if you haven't noticed from my blog topics, Japanese culture is really my passion and I am really sick of English literature now; as it ruins books for me if you have to break down and analyse them! So I applied for a range of English and Japanese and just plain Japanese Studies courses, and all of them involve spending a year studying in Japan which I'd love to do. I've applied for deferred entry in all of them so I'll have to endure the fee rise but I know I've made the right decision as I am definately not ready to go to university this September, I want to be able to spend a year becoming more independent by getting a job and building my confidence to have to go and make a whole new set of friends and live in a strange new city. On my gap year I'm planning to go to America for some time with my bestie as I've never been, take a Japanese course, visit my friends who aren't deferring their uni entries and their various universities, get a job and maybe you guys can suggest other things to do?!

P.S Please follow my blog it makes me haaappy :P




Hannah said...

cute kitty =)

Hannah xx

Linny said...

We're going to have a FABULOUS time at university, my child!!!!!! :D xxx

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