Friday 7 January 2011

Finally friday #6


I've decided to change my weekly summary posts to be more of a well, summary! I also just want to point out (as I recently saw/read one blogger getting angry at another for this) that this isn't an original idea for a post series I have made up myself, and to give credit where due LLYMLRS has been doing a 'Sunday portrait' series forever and the lovely Kavita of iheartvintage also has a series called 'Share Sunday' and I'm taking inspiration from both these bloggers in my 'finally friday' summary posts. Sorry to ramble but I feel that if bloggers are going to replicate other bloggers ideas for posts they should give them credit!

Listening to... Rules don't stop by We are Scientists
Watching... Come fly with me (so funny!)
Looking foward to... Lying in tommorow, 6am weekday wakeup kills meee

1) I went back to school yesterday, woop (not), I always forget how short the Christmas holidays are! I really need to buckle down to work too as I mock exams and upcoming modules in Psychology and English, aahh shoot me now!

2) I'm thinking about ordering my first Lolita dress from Bodyline, specifically the one in my Christmas Wishlist post but I'd be quite scared to wear it to school as the majority of my school is in Uggs and Jack Wills clothing and I'd stick out like a sore thumb.

3) Oh and a little bit of  good news, I sent off my UCAS for defferred entry just before I broke up for the Xmas hols and received an offer the day before Christmas eve, yay!

4) New Years resolutions:
a) Be more confident and assertive, stop worrying what everyone else thinks!
b) Work hard to get good grades in my A Levels
c) Get a job, babysitting doesn't count!
d) Plan my gap year in detail



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Winnie said...

Oooh so gap year! Tell us more, I assume you're going to be travelling around Asia?

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