Thursday 30 December 2010

Lets have some fun this beat is sick...

Stupid light highlighted my nose :/
Jumper ♥ Vintage ♥ Bandage skirt ♥ Topshop ♥ Shoes ♥ New Look ♥ U.O

Aquired this lovely jumper the other day, it was my Dad's but its too small for him thus free over sized jumper for me ^ ^
Did everyone have a good Christmas? I was so happy to be back at home this year, and had a big family Christmas, played a lot of guitar hero, ate too many roast potatoes - a good Christmas!

The table for Christmas lunch (with the rather snazzy place settings I did for everyone)
This is what I got in my stocking this year:

The socks and handwarmers are going to be hella useful when it starts getting colder again in Jan/Feb.

And these are the other pressies I received:
The boots were my present from parents, which I had in a wish list a few posts back, I'm so pleased with them! Now I have them I'm lusting after the black version too so when I next pass a Zara I may give in and get them. Oh and the title of the post is Gaga of course, my brother bought me her remixes CD so thats all I've been listening to since Christmas day! I also received an amazon voucher so I bought the True Blood book set, can't wait for that to arrive so I can get my Eric Northman fix!!
Also I have linked to my youtube channel in the 'contact' page at the top, I'm not brave enough to vlog yet but I do regularly post Para Para dance covers like a lot of other Japanophiles on youtube if you want to have a look at those! ^ ^



Winnie said...

Ah I actually love the sound of those thermal socks, are they actually good? Haha I feel like such an old lady in the cold!

Love those Zara booties! Looks like you got some gorgeous presents!

Insert Psuedonym said...

Loving the jumper, looks good on you
merry christmas georgie porgie! xxxx

Amy Acorn said...

eee i love your jumper, such a great colour on you! loving a bit of gaga in the title too ha :) x

Imogen said...

I love your new jumper. Its such a great colour and looks very comfortable. It's so cool that it was your dads. It looks like you had an enjoyable Christmas and received some lovely gifts.

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