Sunday 5 December 2010

Recent gets ✰

I blew quite a bit of money recently and here is some of the stuff I bought, from now on I'm on a shopping ban! You may recognise some of the things I bought from my wishlist a few posts ago, which caused me to hammer my poor bank account :/
The satchel I posted about before sadly is not big enough to fit A4 in so I can't take it to school but it is still very cute! I also bought a peacock feather hairband from New Look but the feather sticks out about a metre from the band so I think it will only be suitable for flapper themed parties!

My Asos order also arrived and I know have my first snood and also some teal and damson tights.

I also used up some Boots vouchers and got myself two Autumnal coloured nail polishes, can you tell I like teal yet?!
I already have a pair of cream patent brogues but I bought these brown ones on Ebay and they are brilliant, they go with everything!

My younger brother went to Barcelona recently and found a Hello Kitty shop and bought me these, they are so kawaii and warm!
Talking of Hello Kitty my Mum forgot to buy us advent calendars this year so she got me this instead...

My family know me so well! I read a lot of gyaru blogs (even though I'm not gyaru) and I read about characters like Rillakuma being favourites but Hello Kitty is still my fav, my 3 year old cousin and I have so much in common XD

Please follow my blog if you want to, I've gained a few more followers recently and it makes me happy to see people actually want to read my ramblings!




Anonymous said...

You'll never get to Japan if you keep blowing your money!!!! Cute stuff though, love that bag. X

Imogen said...

Some excellent choices here Georgie. I love the hello kitty items, so sweet. I need to go on a shopping ban too, spent way too much money lately.

Winnie said...

I adore Hello Kitty and I'm proof that you can NEVER be too old for it!

Becca Joy said...

Those brogues are reaaallly cute, and I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm also a lover of everything Hello Kitty,too cute!

Emma Jade said...

ooh those blue polishes are gorgeous!

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

love the brogues!

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