Monday 29 November 2010

Gothic Jewellery †

Sorry I haven't been posting properly as usual, quality not quantity eh?! It is SO cold at the moment. I heard yesterday this is the coldest November in England for 25 years, and it wouldn't surprise me if thats true! Anyone who I see out in a skirt at the moment I'm presuming is mental or doesn't mind that unpleasant numbing sensation of the outfits are not very interesting at the moment but I will attempt an outfit post at some point. I've been loving gothic jewellery at the moment and I thought I would share some of my purchases with you.

Firstly I bought the Asos cross ring that bloggers have been raving about, and I quite like it but to be honest I'm not really a ring person; it irritates me to have to take them off when I wash my hands. And, as many of my friends can vouch for all the fat in my body seems to go to the base of my fingers so it is a nightmare trying to find rings that fit me! I'm somewhere between a medium and large in ring sizes it seems, I bought this in Medium but it only fits my pinky and ring finger :(

Ring † Asos † Earrings † New Look

I'm technically on a spending ban since the beginning of this month but I had been wanting a rosary type necklace and bought one of these knotted thread rosary necklaces as I saw them recommended on LLYMLRS (I wanted to buy one in red too but I think since she recommended them they sold out, crazy!).

Rosary necklace † Ebay

Also several  great giveaways to enter people:

Thanks for reading guys, will post on Friday (hopefully)!




Anonymous said...

Love gothic jewellery! So 1980's. X

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

ohhhh i love the two finger cross ring! been wanting one for a long time! =)

Anonymous said...

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