Saturday 9 November 2013

Doki Doki Manchester Japanese festival 2013: Harajuku fashion, Beckii Cruel and Attack on Titan Cosplay!

Hey guys! Today I went to Doki Doki festival which is an annual Japanese culture festival, with events like cosplay/harajuku fashion competition, workshops, demonstrations, Japanese food and character goods being sold and more! I've never been to an anime convention or anything before so this is the first time I've been to an event where all the reasons I became interested in Japanese culture were in one place - very exciting for me! I didn't have time to get together a cosplay but I wish I had done, I felt very boring walking around in comparison to some of the amazing costumes/outfits.
 photo 016_zps45c939d3.png
Beckii Cruel performing with the Harajuku fashion show entrants
 photo 2_zpsc8fe03e4.png
Amazing Attack on Titan and Princess Mononoke + My neighbour Totoro cosplay
 photo Untitled_zpsd8c4f91a.png
The girl on the left said she was a full time lolita, wish I had the guts to dress like that - her shoes were gorgeous! Also there were some of the Sailor senshi walking around
 photo 017_zpse2cbbe54.png
 photo 3_zpsbf019ca5.png
What my friend Elly and I wore
 photo 027_zps263a9f1d.png
Chicken curry wrap
 photo 020_zps65f3da40.png
 photo 1_zps421de3da.png
The girl on the left won the Harajuku fashion pageant and girl on the right came second. The winner is in majority DIA with Jeffrey Campbell Litas (which I also have, snap); she looked amazing, and it was my first time seeing a gyaru irl!
 photo 022_zps794ae432.png
Seriously wanted to buy a bonsai and take it back as a kitchen plant or something.
 photo 4_zpsdb20c44b.png
I met Beckii Cruel! She was so sweet and said my hair was like a mermaid's - so strange meeting someone after following them on youtube for so long!
 photo 033_zps8c56d12f.png
Shamisen demonstration
 photo 028_zps08b584ed.png
 photo 039_zps533070ee.png
Matcha flappe/frappe (Elly and I couldn't decide what it said on the menu, either way it was delicious)
 photo 032_zpsb6156722.png
More Attack on Titan Cosplay! x3 Mikasas, x2 Titan Erens, x1 Armoured Titan and two flesh (?) titans
 photo 035_zpsf48c5fab.png
 photo 029_zpsc64cc277.png
It was a really fun day, it cost £10 in advance or £15 on the door. I highly recommend going next year if you are interested in Japanese culture. Even if you aren't interested in the pop culture side of things there were plenty of things to see related to traditional Japanese culture such as the shamisen demonstrations, talks on many topics such as women in Japan, drumming and karate demonstrations. Definitely worth a visit! xx


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