Sunday 3 November 2013

My first month on instagram ✰

 photo Instagram_zps838c1da7.jpg
Friend's new kitten / selfie /studying / amazing but seaweed filled Lush bath bomb / bf's amazing roast / more selfies / make up for night at fav metal club / my friend I being candyfloss twins / faux JC Coltranes / kanji flashcards / rainbow in Manchester / ear candy of the day

 photo Instagram1_zps31d214cf.jpg
H&M unicorn necklace / Barry M mani / kawaii study / night out eye make up / student nourishment / yakisoba noodles at Japanese restaurant / Doriyaki / yummy Koppaberg / DIY spike collar / halloween make up / halloween costume 2 / my crack

Hey guys! So after finally sorting out my iphone I got instagram and have been trying to figure it out since. This is what I got up to in my first month using it. It literally makes me want to take photos of everything! xx

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