Sunday 13 September 2009

Hand me down, please

Recently I got a whole bag of hand me downs from a cousin. Personally I love getting them, and it helps that my cousin looks and dresses like Daisy Lowe! I get a whole bundle of Topshop, H&M and Zara for free, and this Topshop dress is one of my favourites. Its by one of those designers for Topshop like Barabara Hulanuicki (I don't think I spelt that right), called Laura. It looks a little like a shirt dress due to the neckline and has crazy tattoo/doodle prints along the hem and by the neck. Its a smock dress really but I clinched it with a belt to give it a waist. Its a little to short for school but I think a pair of tights can solve that!I tried it with my military jacket but I'm not sure if that makes the whole outfit too dark, what do you think? Please excuse my bruised knees, a friend recently decided to give me a lighthearted kick when I was annoying her (yeah right) but failed to remember her topshop boots are really pointed and heavily studded. Nice!


Kavita @ She Wears Fashion - UK style and fashion blog said...

Wow what a lovely dress! I also have a cousin that lets me have her hand me downs, unfortunately shes abit chavvy... ermm, so it's not as nice as that! But theres always some nice treasures in hand me downs :)

Winnie said...

Oh I love that you're a fan of Japan, I am too. I need to visit some time soon. Will add you back to my blog!

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