Wednesday 9 September 2009

Tattoo print.

I was just looking on when I found a print they've released in two different dresses and I'm in love with it! For those who don't now, Motel is a vintage/thrifty online shop (they only have one store in Bristol). People who watch Skins might have seen the store in an episode near the end of the last series where Katie and Emily go shopping there for party dresses. This print kind of reminds me of a sort of Ed Hardy tattoo in a way, with the scrolls and the roses!I also thought I'd just show you an adorable photo I took of my cat Alfie today. My friend gave me a little hat she bought in Krgystan while trekking there, and it looks so sweet on him! He wasn't too keen on wearing it though, as you can see from his expression.



aaaaaaaaaaaaa said...

the second one is a must have :)

Kavita @ She Wears Fashion - UK style and fashion blog said...

I love motel topshop things :) and your cat is adorrraaable :) xxx

Zara said...

i love motel dresses! kicking myself for not buying a few in the topshop sale during summer! xoxo

Tessies Hearts said...

Awww, alfie is cute! Spesh in his hat!

nicola xx

Sushi said...

The skirt is really cute - and so is your kitty cat x Sushi

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