Saturday 9 April 2011

Up in the alps

Hola mi amigos this post is coming to you from a small Apline village! I'm babysitting for my little cousin and her friend while my aunt and uncle ski for a week. I'm basically picking them up from their childrens ski chool and then walking them back to the chalet everyday. The French people working there must think I am a teenage mum walking around the village with them! It has been about ten times more stressful than normal babysitting, and I am beginning to see the benefits of toddler reins as they will quite happily run into the road if you don't herd them properly.
Yummy cakes for tea by the Chalet people
 Howevs it been a good experience in that I've had to be a lot more independent. I took the local bus once and didn't know where my stop was so asked the bus driver (in french) if he spoke english and he pretended he didn't understand me and after I repeated myself he looked at me like I suggested he was into bondage or something and went 'NON' and then I had to in my shite French explain that I thought my stop was near a supermarket and he rambled a load of stuff in French and told me to get off the bus so I was lost in the rain for about 30 mins...but I did navigate a supermarket with the two toddlers and the cashier understood my French there so I reckon its just the bastarding bus driver!
The rapidly melting snow.
Its weirdly sunny here, my fam have to go to the next resort to ski because of the lack of snow, its probably actually hotter than england! The village is really pretty and how you'd imagine a skiing village with everything made of wood, and for some reason lots of Christmas decorations are still up. It is also full of these really grotesque looking statues carved from wood, I particularly like this one of some a pig/pigs outside a restaurant.

It was my Birthday on Thursday so I'm now 18, yay! Going back home 2mro so back to more regular posting then.


P.S I'll try replying to comments on the last post now, internet in the chalet is very tempermental though!


Alexandra said...

The village looks lovely! And that cake looks delicious...
I know what you mean about the bus driver. I found when travelling in France a few years ago that a few select people can be very precious about their language, and take it almost as a personal insult if you don;t speak it fluently. Glad you found the supermarket ok though!

MJ said...

Happy birthday! Hope you're having lots of fun!

Audacious Allure said...

OMG that cake looks soo delicious!!

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