Wednesday 13 July 2011

House of Jealous Lovers

Listening to...House of Jealous Lovers by The Rapture (the same guys who do the Misfits theme tune)

I went out the other night with friends to a Japanese themed club thinking I was going to be in my element etc but unfortunately as Japanese as it got was these pictures on the doors to the loos, Renji from Bleach on the Gents' and this character on the Ladies' door who I originally thought was Moka from Rosario+Vampire but I don't think it is...anyone know what manga/anime she's from? Her hair is pink, and she is wearing a dark green school uniform.
Left: Topshop Bodycon skirt w/ purple Topshop tank top. Right: Crochet top from charity shop, Jeggings from Topshop and Brogues from Ebay

Finally have started taking the advice of bloggers who rave about charity shops and they're so much fun! Picked up the crochet top (was also very tempted to come to fisticuffs to procure a sheer blouse that a middle aged woman had just picked up) and this oversized denim jacket below.

Spent ages making false nails after reading Gem's post, they look so much better than nail polish on your actual nails! The only thing I'm worried about it actually removing the false nail, as surely the nail remover will take some of the nail varnish off the nail? 
Oh and a quick snap of Mussy and her babies. I thought this illustrated quite how big she is/small the piglets are!

I'm going to London tomorrow for a family event I don't particularly want to attend and the 'big smoke' is not really my scene either, too big and scary and being a country girl if I don't see a field or a pheasant every 15 minutes I'm bound to get twitchy, so will try and blog when I get back.

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Madeline said...

I love that top, I've been looking for one like it! It looks lovely on you.

xo Maddy

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