Sunday 17 February 2013

3's and 7's

 photo 027-5_zps52e3a836.png
Choker - Ebay - Jumper - Cow Vintage - Skirt - Zara
 photo Untitled-21_zps2021f46c.png
 photo 031-6_zpsf31bb98e.png
so moody..
 photo 032-4_zpsec2a2b47.png
Sorry for lack of posting! I've got some virus/bug thing which was about as fun as sticking your head in a bucket of slugs, just wanted to be back at home with Mum looking after me! Plus missed two days of uni which is a nightmare as with Japanese if I miss any I fall behind so quickly...anyhoo feeling better now! Took these pics a while ago, since then my hair faded to a very seafoam-pastel green colour and I redyed it a different blue. It's so bright now! Still not used to people staring at me because of my hair, anyone else with bright hair find this?! xx

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Imogen said...

I love your pink jumper!

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