Monday 19 October 2009

Forever 21 & Anna Tsuchiya

This is probably old news but I've just discovered that Forever 21 are looking to open stores in the UK - yay! As far as I can tell they're like a cross between New Look, Topshop and Primark but slightly better quality. My Dad is in America for two weeks and I've begged him to get me these Forever 21 military boots/doc martens (I can't seem to find them anywhere cheap in England) which are perfect, and only $32 which is about £24 I think? Not too bad! But he said he can't fit them in his suitcase...noooo!! If anyone knows where to get these type of boots cheap then enlighten me, please!

Today's outfit, which would have looked good with the Forever 21 docs..

Nail colour of the week...(chipped) traffic light red:

I've been listening to a lot of Anna Tsuchiya at the moment, she was the singing voice of Nana Osaki in the anime Nana, and she's also a model, actress and singer. Unlike some celebrities who try and cross over between these things she's actually good at all of them! Anyway, this is her singing Kuroi Namida (Black tears).

I will finish this post with a picture of my cat Alfie, even though yesterday he had his errr 'crown jewels' snipped, he's already been back to normal: Ripping up important papers and spitting the bits out, throwing himself at my wardrobe doors, trying to climb out of the window to catch the house martins, and viciously playfully biting me when I try to remove him from under my bedside table (see below). Ah and just as I write this he has relieved himself on my English textbook. I love my cat!


Ariella said...

Oh, he could just take the boots in his hand luggage then, in a plastic bag even! That sounds like a bad excuse... you should ask him again, I think!

Sushi said...

Love the boots! I really want a pair like that too x Sushi

Kavita @ She Wears Fashion - UK style and fashion blog said...

You could order from the UK although the postage is ridiculous! They really are lovely though and your cat is adoraable! :) x

Winnie said...

I personally think that F21 is like New Look but has nothing on Topshop!

Tiphaine said...

Hi! Your cat is really cute ! And I love the shoes, Iv' grey doc like that, but they were very expensive, that's right .

see ya'!

mifajyar said...

Love Anna Tsuchiya too, <3

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