Wednesday 20 January 2010

A few of my favourite things

Thanks very much to Becca @ Becca J. says for giving me this award! The tag says you must list seven of your favourite things so here goes:
1) Sushi
I'm ashamed to say I've only tried cheap supermarket stuff and have never been to a Sushi bar but I would love to!
2) Lady GaGa
Without sounding conceited I don't usually listen to stuff thats extremely musically mainstream and in the charts but I love how genuinely talented Lady GaGa is: the fact she can sing, play the piano, wites all her lyrics and takes an active part in her costume and video designs. Its really refreshing compared to other artists.

3) Japan
Well duh! I find Japanese culture really interesting to the point even if it was quantum physics but in Japanese I might be intrigued..but only a little.

4) Monty Python
Bloody hilarious, I think I've seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail maybe over 8 times now, and I like quoting large chunks of it, which annoys my friends haha
5) Old horror movies
Movies like the Shining, Carrie, the original house of wax (not the one with Paris Hilton!!) and Hammer horror.

6) Computer Games
I'm not very secretly a bit of a gamer, I like the Sims, Runescape, World of Warcraft etc but I'm terrible at games like Call of Duty so my younger brothers refuse to play with me because I'm so easy to kill!

7) Diaries
I've got over 20 notebooks secreted *somewhere* that I've written since I was about 10, it's funny looking back on your younger self.

I tag:
Imogen @ Tia_Cherie
Check out all of their awesome blogs!


Christie Brewington said...

awww thanks!! ill do this tommorrow maybe :)

THANKYOU. i love your blog! and i love sushi too!!


josie said...

thanks for tagging me!
i'll do it now :) i have nothing better to do. eugh.
and i share your love for monty python, we should make an elite club where we just quote monty python at one another.

Winnie said...

I adore sushi and definitely eat the real stuff if you can! Ahhh as you probably know, I'm so obsessed with Japanese culture...ever since I was about 5 and given my first hello kitty toy and Sailormoon anime!

Anonymous said...

I've had an obsession with Japan and Japanese fashion(lolita) since I was 9 years of age.......XD
Frome Dolly
Check out my blog at:

Imogen said...

Thank you so much for tagging me, I always like doing these. I will post it on my blog soon. I love sushi too. I also gave you an award.

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