Wednesday 26 May 2010


So I promised a while ago to show you guys pictures of the piglets our pig Mussy had. They're starting to learn how to oink now but they still sound a little like guinea pigs, and they've already learnt to escape and run around the field till their Mum calls them back.


Mussy and her piglets. She comes up to my waist and is twice as wide with piglets so I sort of understand now why when I showed my friend our pigs she wasn't too keen to come into the pen with me and stroke her!

A lot of sows (female pigs) and their piglets are kept in caged areas barely big enough for them to roll over and they become bored and start chewing the bars of their cage. This is what happy pigs look like!



Sorry the pictures in the last post were so crapola I was trying too make them slightly bigger but it just reduced the picture quality. I'm in the middle of AS exams at the moment so blogging may be slightly sporadic.

I've also just got Twitter (still don't really understand it though..) so feel free to follow me/add me as a friend, link is in the sidebar.




Winnie said...

Oh! They are so tiny, so cute!

Good luck with finding the right uni for you. No matter where you go, you'll have the most amazing time!

Insert Psuedonym said...

she's a BIG pig alright! forgive me for being a bit cautious

besides I was conversing with the chooks

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