Saturday, 15 May 2010

I'm so lunar yeah


My friend made me panic the other day as she pointed out that the Lady Gaga Mac collab lipstick was limited edition so I bought myself one online quickly. And here it is!

It was quite expensive to have it shipped to me (and stupid as I walk past a MAC every school day), but it arrived just two days after I bought it.
Quite a big box for one lipstick though, but I suppose their recycling program makes up for that!

The lipstick tube isn't as exciting as the MAC x Hello Kitty lipsticks but still looks good and has Gaga's signature on the inside casing.




The lipstick itself is a really nice and smells sort of vanilla-y (why yes I do smell my lipstick);it has pretty ice-pink shade with a lustre finish which doesn't wear off too quickly. Also every penny from each one sold goes to the MAC Aids fund, so a pretty worthwhile purchase!

P.S Iheartvintagex is holding a lovely contest here


Kavita @ She Wears Fashion - UK style and fashion blog said...

I really need that lipstick, I'm afraid it may be a little too light for my skintone though, argh! But still anything gaga is aweesome ;D x
Please enter my contest if you haven't already... ENTER HERE :) ♥♥

Linny said...


My boy Bruce + Your girl GaGa. How heavenly is that??? Oh man, I love them both <3


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